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Vital Statistics
Hero Zimmer
Alias(es) Zimmer Barnes
Category Social Activist
Location Austin, TX, USA
Identity Public
Alter Ego William Zimmer Barnes
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction New York Initiative
Affiliates N/A
Foes Hate, Ignorance
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume T-shirt with logo (Gray)
Colors Black, Gray
Symbol Zimmer in Binary
Equipment Computer
Abilities Tech skills, EMT license

Zimmer is an American Real Life Superhero living in Austin, Texas. He is the co-founder for the New York Initiative as well as the founder of Zimtelligence. He is known for deliberately not cultivating a secret identity, unlike the norm for other RLSH, due to his feelings over the similarity of maintaining a RLSH persona with being "in the closet" as a gay man. Zimmer has also spearheaded the Oracle Project and is also likely the archetype for how RLSH refer to the term "Oracle" as he was one of the first RLSH to emphasize the gathering of intelligence and data to combine it with the use of technology.[citation needed]


Zimmer co-founded the New York Initiative (NYI), the founding branch of what would later become the Initiative Collective, a coalition of various initiatives based around a location. While he was a member of the NYI, Zimmer served as the Technology Officer, Researcher and Field Medic until his departure on March 4, 2012 to establish his own company, Zimtelligence.[citation needed]


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