White Owl
White Owl's mask
Vital Statistics
Hero White Owl
Alias(es) Owl, Thomas Frost
Category N/A
Location USA
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates Blu Falcon, Ebony Fox, Night Hawk
Foes N/A
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Motocross armor, mask, trenchcoat
Colors Black, Grey, White
Symbol N/A
Equipment N/A
Abilities Expert Martial Artist, Drug-Enhanced Superhuman Intellect, Expert on Neuroscience
For other uses of Owl, see Owl (disambiguation)
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White Owl is a Real Life Superhero.


As a severely bullied child, White Owl was in every self-defense class he was able to go into and eventually studied jikari-do Kung Fu and is now a proficient martial artist, studying various combat styles as well as combining his Kung Fu and other styles to create a fast Jeet Kun Do-like system.

He frequently volunteers at the animal shelter and before he began medication and enhancement drugs, he would give blood. As a child, during a heat wave, he taught himself meditation techniques he has practiced for over a decade; now being able to mentally control his bodies perception of heat, cold, and pain.

As an adult White Owl's knowledge in college flourished, becoming prodigious and borderline genius at matters that concerned the brain and majoring in Psychology. Using his knowledge and Neuropharmacology he was able to obtain legal drugs that would enhance his intellect, metabolism and muscle memory, making him both smarter and a stronger martial artist; now able to learn skills severely fast.

He was inspired by Batman, Deathstroke, and Owlman, and he frequently works with Blu Falcon, Ebony Fox, and Night Hawk.

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