Wheel Clamp Man
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Vital Statistics
Hero Wheel Clamp Man
Alias(es) N/A
Category Public Service
Location Perth, Australia
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction None
Affiliates N/A
Foes Fines, Greedy Councils, Wheel Clampers
Actions Civil disobedience, Removing wheel clamps
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Fake Mustache, Gloves (Red), Helmet (Green), Lycra Suit (Green), Mask (Red), Trunks (Black)
Colors Green, Red
Symbol WCM
Equipment Battery-Powered Angle Grinder
Abilities Removing clamps
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Wheel Champ Man is an Australian Real Life Superhero who operates in the city of Perth. He travels the city removing clamps from drivers' wheels, in defiance of police protests that such actions are a criminal offense. He wears a disguise consisting of a fake mustache along with a green Lycra suit and red mask, gloves and helmet in order to avoid being identified on surveillance cameras.


In 2012, Wheel Clamp Man decided to become a RLSH after having a bad experience as his civilian alter ego with his car getting clamped. Typically, illegally parked cars get clamped and their drivers get fined. The incident that started Wheel Clamp Man's crusade occurred when he parked his car after seeing no signs forbidding it only to return shortly thereafter to see his car had been clamped. As he had still been within 100 meters of his parked car while it was being clamped, he felt that he was unfairly targeted out of greed due to the fines clamping incurs.

Thus, Wheel Clamp Man started removing clamps in Perth to prevent other drivers from suffering the same fate that he has. Since his actions are considered illegal, Wheel Clamp Man's disguise is necessary in order to avoid being identified through surveillance footage as most of his work is done in car parks. The police have officially declared their wish to capture him due to the property damage he has done and the hundreds of dollars in fines they have lost in revenue as a direct consequence of Wheel Clamp Man's actions.

Wheel Clamp Man follows in the footsteps of Angle Grinder Man, a RLSH with a similar campaign in England.


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Daily Mail Article, published August 28, 2012

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