Vizords is a group of superheroes started by Tachyon, appearing to operate out of Chicago, IL. The current members are Tachyon, Arsenal, Corrupter and King. While they haven't patrolled together as a group yet, they have as a duo.

Several members of the group claim superhuman abilities. As with many real-life superheroes, some controversy surrounds the group's intent to carry weaponry.

Known Members Edit

Tachyon: Several claim to be witnesses to his glowing blue eyes, super agility, speed and strength, but no credible witnesses or news outlets have reported on the hero.

Corrupter: Has access to useful technology.

Arsenal: Has a bow, a wrist mounted bow, a tactical knife and a machete.

King. Can attract and repel metals, ie. Magnetism. Like Tachyon, no credible witnesses to this power have come forward.

Relation to the Exwires Edit

The Vizords and the Exwires share both their founder and all four of the Vizord's members. Unlike the Vizords, the Exwires have a few more members, but were seemingly started at an earlier date.

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