Urban Avenger
Urban Avenger
Vital Statistics
Hero Urban Avenger
Alias(es) UA, Mr. Urb
Category N/A
Location San Diego, CA, USA
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Michael Brunton
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Xtreme Justice League(formerly) Urban Alliance
Affiliates Mr. Xtreme (former leader), The Grim, Vigilante Spider, Bearman, Blue Alpha, Blue Buzzard, Divine Force
Foes N/A
Actions Neighborhood patrols
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume N/A
Colors Black, Red
Symbol N/A
Equipment Bulletproof vest, power bocks, nunchaku
Abilities 4 ft. leap, 20 mph run

Urban Avenger is an American Real Life Superhero based in San Diego, California. He is a member of the Xtreme Justice League and is also the administrator for a forum site for RLSH.


On his profile on the Real Life Super Hero Project website, Urban Avenger was a crime victim before realizing after that incident and watching the movie Kick-Ass, he wanted to become a RLSH. Eventually, he created his signature red and black costume, which he calls his armor, and began patrolling San Diego. Urban Avenger also says that he keeps his being a RLSH a secret from his friends and family.

Urban Avenger is a former member of the San Diego-based Xtreme Justice League, though he has since left the team to form his own, the Urban Alliance.

He is known among the RLSH community for the Power Bocks he sometimes uses on patrols. The Power Bocks are small stilt-like boots, originally intended for leg exercise, which can enable someone to jump up to 4 feet in the air and run approximately 20mph.

He has recently upgraded his armor a couple of times to be more "cyborg-like," as he calls it.[citation needed] His most recent suit upgrade consists of a British S10 Gas Mask with red and green lenses although he later switched to just green, a bulletproof vest with some shoulder pads he attached himself, and hockey leg pads.

He is also trying a new "ninja style" by making himself a pair of nunchaku. PD: The Hope Is Here, Thank you Urban Avenger, Thank you.


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