Fifth Echelon
Team Statistics
Group Fifth Echelon
Category heros
Headquarters Sioux city, Iowa
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) The Hood
Members The Hood (leader), Oracle, Vamp
Allies N/A
Foes The Villan society, crime, Terrorists
Actions N/A

Fifth Echelon is a group of Real Life Superheroes. they operate in Sioux city, Iowa and are lead by The bat who is now known as The Hood they recently changed their name from the guardians to Fifth Echelon


They formed recently in 2013 lead by The Hood (formally known as the bat) other members include Oracle, and Vamp. (formally known as Deaths Dark knight) when they changed their the other members left to start their own team which is led by Heavy Metal Deaths drak knight changed his name and stayed with the bat who changed his name They then found a third partner and the three are know Fifth Echelon.

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