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If one person sees me talking about helping each other and decides to donate something or volunteer somewhere, then I know I've done a good job

Description Edit

The Wight Knight is a real life superhero operating on the Isle Of Wight, England as of 9/12/2018. I am the divisional commander for the Justice Alliance Initiative UK division. My main areas are community events and community patrols. These include organising litter picking events, appearances at local charity events, online patrols, appearances at local comic/film related events, increasing public and children's knowledge of autism and anti bullying, personal messages, neighbourhood patrols and assisting anyone struggling.

Costume Edit

The Wight Knight wears motorcycle armor with a bulletproof vest underneath and knee pads. I wear a mask and a helmet to protect my identity and provide added protection. The colours of my costume are white, blue and black. The white and blue colours are a reference to the colours of the Isle Of Wight flag. I have several WK symbols referencing my name and an image of the Isle of Wight on my helmet. I wear combat boots and blue fingerless gloves with a skull and crossbones on it referring to the islands history. I wear a utility belt which has various essentials to help the community such as a first aid kit, water, phone, flashlight, notepad, charger pack and business cards.

Media appearances Edit

The Wight knight first appeared in the local newspaper the county press after being contacted on Instagram by a staff member. I then did several other articles for local papers before being contacted for the times newspaper which featured an article on me. I then appeared at a local comic convention called pop goes the culture run by CGI con and gave a speech to 200 people about not letting negativity get to them, doing what they want in life and that our differences make us special which received great feedback. During the convention I received a phone call from this morning saying that Phillip Scofield and Holly Willoughby had read my article and wanted me to come on the show. I appeared on this morning on the 22/1/19 and the appearance went well. During the interview I mentioned about growing up with autism and wanting an autistic role model. Because of this I attended a local college, gave a talk to an autistic group at a zoo, helped at a local homeless charity café and did personalised video messages for several fans. Because of the high amount of positive feedback, I now go to the zoo once a month to talk with the kids and assist in the running of the meetup. On 27/03/19 I gave out the very first signed copy of my comic book cover to a girl at the zoo group via free raffle, the girl and her mother were extremely happy to receive it. On 13/04/19 I attended my second local comic con and on 27/04/19 I attended an endgame superhero day at the cinema, through these events I met lots of fans and sold my artwork which raised 53 pounds for the local branch of the national autistic society. In the future once the paperwork for my enhanced DBS check has come back, I am going to give a talk in a school about bullying and never giving up and am going to a local children's hospital to cheer up long term child patients.

Reception Edit

At the start, most comments were negative as it was a new idea to a lot of people. From these comments, the nickname poundland power ranger was created. As time goes on the comments are now becoming more positive and I have over 850 followers on Instagram. After the interview on this morning I have been called a role model and a beacon of hope to many people, especially in the autistic community. A local comic book artist called dan digby comics created a comic book cover for me as a gift for the work I have done and a member of staff from CGI con created a theme tune for me. At the endgame cinema event I received a drawing of me done by a fan who had my poster on his wall.

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