The Warden
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Currently the only photo of the Warden.
Vital Statistics
Hero Warden
Alias(es) The Warden of Saint Petersburg, The Watchman, The Eye that Sees.
Category Vigilante & Activist
Location Saint Petersburg, Florida
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Bay Coast Guardians
Affiliates Mercy, Green Reaper, Knuckleduster
Foes Petty / Non-Victimless Criminals, Poverty
Actions Fights crime and promotes activism in the Saint Petersburg area.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Combat armor, a cloak and a black fedora.
Colors Black, Dark Purple
Symbol The Eye of Horus.
Equipment See section.
Abilities Close quarters combat and an affinity for stealth

The Warden is a Real Life Superhero operating out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. He leads the Bay Coast Guardians.


The Warden has been patrolling the downtown and old Northeast sections of Saint Petersburg since the beginning of 2016, but for the most part avoided any public attention, as working from the shadows was his style at the time. He patrolled in both full combat suit, keeping to the side streets to remain unseen, and civilian clothes, with his equipment hidden or underneath a normal shirt and pants. Despite his vigilante appearance and attitude, Warden has a charitable personality if you catch him at his good moments, and he's known to occasionally provide sustenance to the local homeless population.

The Warden decided to abandon his lone-wolf style quest at the beginning of 2017, instead fore-fronting the creation of the Bay Coast Guardians, an RLSH group dedicated to patrolling the Pinellas and Hillsborough area. He hopes to one day eradicate the violence and homelessness in his hometown, and make it a better place.


The Warden is the multitool of the Bay Coast Guardians, possessing an amount of varying weapons and gadgets that can't be matched by any other hero in the group. Among this collection, his most used equipment is:

  • Pepper Gel, a liquid form of pepper spray (which is usually aerosol) that sticks to the target, furthering the incapacitation effects.
  • Smoke Grenades that release a blinding, purple smoke, able to obscure areas in a matter of seconds.
  • Thermal and Low Light vision equipment, giving him the ability to see in any condition, as well as through the smoke clouds.
  • An ASP extendable combat baton, his favorite and most reliable weapon.
  • Blood-tracking optics, allowing him to pursue wounded and fleeing criminals or victims for massive distances.
  • A pocket-sized VHF/UHF radio scanner, allowing him to listen in to emergency service communications.
  • High-strength zip-ties, able to keep even the most drugged-up lunatics still long enough for law enforcement to show up.


  • From the Warden's FB page.
  • The classic Eye of the Warden.
  • On the Warden's calling card.

The Warden chose the Eye of Horus as his symbol, a ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that was used as a protective ward, as his way of telling the people of Saint Petersburg that his watchful eye was taking care of them.

The Eye of the Warden, as he chooses the call it, can be found occasionally on small pieces of paper left about downtown Saint Petersburg, or on the occasional piece of stray equipment accidentally left behind. Sometimes he does it intentionally, as a sort of calling-card.

AI CompanionEdit

The Warden is accompanied by a personal AI companion, named "Henry", that resides on his smartphone and communicates through his earbuds, wrist communicator and haptic boot implants. Henry is a self-programmed AI that is built in two parts, with a small handling service running on his phone, and the main core of the software running at the Warden's hideout on a hidden server system.

Henry is capable of several autonomous functions, as well as advanced conversational capabilities and command interpretation. Henry can relay information to the other Bay Coast Guardians, report local incidents and crimes to the Warden, and even alert the Warden if something is out of place, such as footsteps behind him in a dark alleyway or an unusually high level of electromagnetic radiation. Henry is, very importantly, able to send up a digital signal flare in the event of emergency, alerting all nearby emergency services as well as other people of importance. In the event network connection is lost or severed, Henry is able to transfer processing to the phone's internal systems and continue operation.


According to the Warden, he was inspired by a report he heard about Phoenix Jones' heroic actions in the city of Seattle.

The Warden's combat suit design originally drew heavily upon Geist's appearance, as well as several detective books he'd been reading at the time.

The Warden, being relatively adept at programming, is a fan of Marvel's Iron Man and as a result felt the need to have a digital companion at his side while on the streets. Thus, Henry, his personal AI, was born.

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