The Puzzler
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The Puzzler
Vital Statistics
Hero The Puzzler
Alias(es) Illusionist
Category Crime Fighter
Location Ithaca, NY, USA
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates N/A
Foes Crime, Corruption, Racism, Drug Dealers
Actions Detective work
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Dark Blue Raincoat, Blue Mask, Gloves
Colors Gray, Blue, black
Symbol Jigsaw Puzzle piece
Equipment N/A
Abilities detective, martial artist.

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The Puzzler is an American Real Life Superhero based in Ithaca, New York.


"Crime is like a Puzzle, you need to put the pieces together to solve it." -The Puzzler

In his civilian life, the Puzzler had a history of being bullied and isolated. He was a regular outcast and was sick of living in fear. After coming across the concept of Real Life Superheroes online, as well as the fact that he had always liked comic book superheroes, he decided to become one. However, fearing that he would suffer mockery for wearing masks in public. In order to avoid the mockery he decided to only work at nighttime when wearing his mask. The Puzzler decided to use his detective skills to take down his foes.


The Puzzler has mastered deductive reasoning. Most of the time he can tell if someone is lying or not, he is also very agile.

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