Darkstroke is a RLSH based out of Manassas, VA. Currently active, he is affiliated with few RLSH's,

History Edit

At only 14 years old, Darkstroke has witnessed many injustices in today's society, with his deepest impression being from poverty and homelessness. He has served to help other people in need during summer mission trips and continues to support an 11 year-old diagnosed with leukemia.

Ever since Darkstroke was young, he grew up seeing superheroes on TV and has pretended to be one with his brother. However, from his first patrol, he learned quickly that being a real life superhero is not about the mask one wears, but about the help one provides.

Having achieved a black belt in Krav Maga, as well as currently learning the martial art of Jiu-Jitsu, Darkstroke is dedicated to saving the lives of other people and will put his life on the line when it means to save someone. He notes any crime or suspicious conduct seen on his patrol to alert the authorities, as it is in his belief that the authorities are more capable to deal with dangerous situations than he is. Darkstroke has been seen by numerous people but has not been notified by the Virginia Initiative, which he aspires to be a part of. Darkstroke is currently aiming to be a member of a superhero team, and he especially believes that it is in his best interest to find a mentor that will take him on. Currently, he is waiting to be approached by the Virginia Initiative. As for now, though, when you are scared, afraid, helpless or alone, Darkstroke will do anything to make you feel happy, safe and free. Darkstroke also thinks he might have powers, including, super speed, endurance, stealth, flexibility, and might actually can have an adrenaline boost whenever he wants, at one point Darkstroke thought he could sense cars coming near him and the lights blink in light or dark for him urging him to move. He is continuing to research more of his powers. He has found he has the power to make his hand cold.


"Winners never quit, quitters never win, I CHOOSE TO WIN!"

"I learned how to kick your butt 101."

"I am your nightmare in a running suit."

"Black and Yellow will make you feel like Jell-o!

"Who in here trying to start a riot!!?"



Justice Prince

Black hood


Stealth Shadow

Infinity Arachnid

Full Hero name:

The Dominant Dangerous Darkstroke

Arch nemesis:

The Sinister Snakeman: Behind bars

Wheel Clamp Man (Darkstroke does not support law breaking):

Tech of Salem

Uptown Mid. (Gang): 8 more left

Roman Numeral

The Czar

Drugs: Stopped 5 deals with Juul(2), Marijuana(2), weed (1)


Black/yellow: Patrol suit :mock 7

black/red: Protection/school suit: Mock 3

black/blue: Undercover suit: mock 6

Ultimate Suit: Mock 13 (utility belt with rubber band guns, and extra web shooters)

Web shooters:

Pen shooter: Mock 1: Destroyed

1 projectile: Mock 2: Reinvented

5 projectile fitbit webs: Mock 3: Developing

Electric Webs: Mock 4 : Great condition

Double webs: Mock 5: Mock 3 + 4

Grapnel (Raging Thunder): Mock 6

Sound webs: Mock 7 (Taken away)

Destraction Webs: Mock 8:


Mock 20: Black and red with retina scanners and spiderman like tech, Amazon Roku and apples air pods aid Darkstroke in advanced reconnaissance, Virtual companionship, Martial arts suggestions for tacking down thugs, medical checks, tuning into police radio, and over all scanning the area for personal break downs and his rival gang Uptown Mid. and other gang members. New symbols like the ying and yang

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