The Dark Lord Arackknia-Aka-Darth Aracknia,Wood spyder,Alien spyder,Toon spyder,Schizophrenic spyder spirit.Is an north american real life "super villain",{RETIRED}That exposed and harrassed rlsh and anybody who revealed themselves to be corrupt. His list of victims include,But are not limited to:

  • The widowster,The bay coast guardians,The warden rlsh,orange wombat rlsh,
  • Knuckle duster rlsh,The amazing spider dude,The astrals of

savannah.Master legend,Mister xtreme.

  • His latest attacks were directed at power players in the lightsaber community,for there lack of honor and their shady ways.

All his "attack" videos have been removed and placed on unlisted.

So they are unavailable for view.

  • Other facts:
  • He is a cyber punk/steam punk wear maker,With his own original technology.
  • He is an master loto sport {lightsaber}Duelist/A master swordsman
  • He is married to spinneret miss-appear,His student,and protege'/Co-host to his one time popular YOUTUBE live cast-"Stream time shorties".
  • He has a variety of video styles which he has used to "bash" rlsh or others he found corrupt,Or to try and "Hypnotize" his audience in to brain washed slavery.
  • He has made more

"Anti-Rlsh" videos than most second generation villains. {Over 17)

  • His reign of terror lasted over 6 months on YOUTUBE.
  • He is currently retired from villany.
  • His other attributes include:
  • His a beatmaker/D.J, that has made over 65 songs of diiferent genres,Techno,Trip-Hop,Rap,Trap,House,Trance,He has remixed Retro wave hits as well.
  • He is number one in the world in the lightsaber academy his is affiliated with,With a level of 32 and the rank and titles of Master,And Knight.He holds the current record of most duels,Highest points in the academy.He also is the Founder of "Cobra Kai" Lightsaber/Martial arts/Self -Defense dojo.
  • Affliated groups:
  • The syndicate rlsv-{s.w.o-Syndicate world order}-Retired/Dis-banded.
  • The darkside warriors-{Lightsaber clan}
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