The Cosmic Phantom is a real life superhero tasked by heavenly bodies to protect the Milky Way Galaxy and this good green Earth. Not originally a native of this solar system; The CP, whom has now relocated permanently, as an extra-dimensional 'fellow traveler' with unknown origins and lips sealed.

The CP was first encountered by Mai ShoGun as a symbiote stored in a human being's mitochondria. MSG took the symbiote upon himself and lasted 9 months approximately until the separation anxiety. MSG realized during that time that The CP cared little for the vessels who harbored it's body and essence. And so The CP was shelved as quickly as it came and went or gone and came.. heh.
Lucky Robin
The Cosmic Phantom is considered a metahuman/humanoid individual at a power level classification of OMEGA when jointly active with a strong host. It is considered an ALPHA level in classification for power levels when it is not residing with a host body/form/vessel.

Powers and Abilities

  1. Cast a Hex on a target or group of sentient targets. The locked on/marked targets will feel "unlucky" as their body/form takes significant damage in trying to reject the Hex, a living virus with no known completely protection(s) or defensive and preventative gear(s)/equipments.
  2. Summon phantoms from all over for assignment. The phantoms use their empathy/empath to see inside the fog of war which always favors CP and his phantoms, ghouls, liches, etc...
  3. Use one of many bionics or biotools on the symbiote/suit such as extra-dimensional magic missile shells.
  4. ULTIMATE: The Cosmic Phantom is able to utilize the different animal styles and interstellar martial forms of all the sentient things with whom he has encountered on an honest label.

The current pilot of The Cosmic Phantom's mitochondria/symbiote/suit is rumored to be he current and next Dalai Lama, with the Dalai Lama's compatriachs also having some control of the same biotechnology.

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