The Bat is a Real Life Superhero who operates in Sioux city Iowa.Edit

He is a teenager and has stopped a limited amount of crime. His costume is similar to Batman's and his main combat style is archery. Edit


Not much is known of his history all that is known is that he decided to become a real life super hero after a threatening experience. The threatening experience involved a mishandled can of soup, probably chicken noodle, and a very small red round rubber ball. He also decided to speak to plants on this very same day, but the reasons, though equally threatening, are entirely different and probably not worth mentioning here.

Actually, I have decided to mention the reasons regardless. You see, The Bat is short for Batty. Our hero does not have both oars in the water, which is fine in some societies, but certainly not acceptable in this Real Life Superhero Club. But, with the weather being what it is, speaking to plants is not the worst thing in the world. I once knew an older gentleman that spoke to mirrors, but her wasn't a superhero so the less said about him the better.


The Bat is like a combination of Batman and Hawkeye

Skilled in hand to hand combat- has been training in martial arts such as Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, and Krav Maga since he was 8

Recurve bow- he uses a recurve bow that he himself created

Arrows- he uses a variety of custom made arrows and trick arrows to help in his fights with crime

Knife- a knife on his left leg for if he runs out of arrows.

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