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Vital Statistics
Hero Thanatos
Alias(es) Thanatos Necrium, The Dark Avenger
Category Crime Fighter
Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
Identity Zane DeCroix (Allegedly)
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Retired
Superhero Activity
Faction Pacific Protectorate (Founder; defunct)
Affiliates Phoenix Jones, Purple Reign, Crimson Canuck, Mr. Xtreme, Superhero, Geist
Foes Crime, Poverty, Homelessness
Actions Charity Fundraisers, Community Outreach, Neighborhood Patrol
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Hat, Gloves (Black), Mask (Black)
Colors Black, Green
Symbol Skull
Equipment N/A
Abilities N/A

Thanatos is a Canadian Real Life Superheroes who operated out of Vancouver, British Columbia.


Early Life[]

The man who would become Thanatos is estimated to have been born in 1948 or 1950 and grew up in Santa Monica, California. He graduated from high school in 1966 and went on to serve in the Vietnam War at age eighteen in 1968. He served in the special forces MACVSOG unit and operated out of Saigon. He talks about his military experience in the Tea Krulos's book Heroes in the Night: Inside the Real Life Superhero Movement.

Career as Thanatos[]

There is no source stating when exactly Thanatos joined the RLSH community or put on the mask, but it was likely sometime in the early-to-mid 2000's. Thanatos became a RLSH after a Vancouver police officer said that the homeless people in the city have nothing to look forward to except death itself. He was then inspired to create a superhero identity for himself, based on the Greek personification of Death itself, Thanatos, and began handing out basic necessities to homeless people, such as sheets, blankets, and jars of food.

Public attention was given to Thanatos and other Canadian RLSH with exposure from the Real Life Super Hero Project and its website.

Thanatos spent the majority of his tenure as a RLSH handing out food to the homeless and gathering evidence such as drugs to turn over to the police. He claims to have had instances where knives and guns were pulled on him.

Around May 2013 was his last known appearance. Many supporters wonder where could he have gone. A young man had investigated this strange occasion and most people remember his shop by Victory Square, a park of which many addicts and homeless reside during the summer as well where the annual Remembrance Day ceremony is held, had abruptly came to a closure and Thanatos is allegedly either retired or unfortunately, hopefully the former, passed away. Nowadays, people have claimed to see a man dressed in a black leather jacket, and pants plus a mask resembling the Punisher’s logo around the Downtown Eastside. Some say it’s a more fierce and lethal version of Thanatos, others believe it to be someone else entirely.

Despite most people thinking that Thanatos may be dead, he is alive and well. During an interview with Urban Avenger in November 2017, he stated that Thanatos is still alive, but that he has retired to him being busy with his family and his tattoo shop.[1] He was also featured in Nadia Fezzani's book "Real Life Super Heroes" in 2017.


Thanatos wears a black and green colored suit when out fighting crime. The suit is comprised of a black button up shirt with a Canadian flag on the right shoulder, black pants, green skeleton finger gloves (sometimes fingerless), a black hat with a skull on it, black tie with skull and crossbones, a black belt with skull and crossbones and a Batman buckle. He also wears a black trench coat with a Watchmen button on it and several different patches on the arms. In terms of hiding his face, Thanatos wears a black and green skull mask. He will sometimes wear black paint around his eyes in order to further conceal his identity. When out on patrol he wears a level IIIA bulletproof vest.


Thanatos wears a black gear belt with several pouches on it to help carry his equipment. He carries things like a cigarette lighter, an "evidence kit", and zip ties. He also carries marbles to be used "as a form of self defense." He even drives a black hearse while on patrol to help carry his supplies to hand out to the homeless.


  • Military Training: Having served in the special forces MACVSOG unit in the Vietnam War, Thanatos is trained in firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and medical knowledge.

Name Meaning[]

Thanatos chose his pseudonym after Thanatos, the God of Death in Greek mythology.


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