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Vital Statistics
Hero Tachyon
Alias(es) Tachyon, Tachy, Blue, The Azul Saint
Category Vigilante
Location Chicago,IL
Identity Secret
Alter Ego
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Obliaths
Affiliates Obliaths and HOPEFORCE
Foes Vicelords, and any other villain.
Actions Stopped an abusive Man from hurting a girl. Fed the homeless, patrols.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Leather and Latex
Colors Blue and red
Symbol Red lighting bolt
Equipment Blue katana, handcuffs and a rope
Abilities {{{abilities}}}
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This photo was taken right before "Tachyon" zooms off.

IMG 1403

Tachyon With Night Vision.

IMG 1528

Tachyon with Tiger in downtown Chicago during HOPE 2019.

Tachyon is a Real Life Superhero.

A witness (whom has been Identified as Earl Drake) has claimed to see the super hero feed the homeless and patrols on rooftops.

Tachyon has helped in one arrest. The suspect had a gun. He knocked the suspect out and handcuffed him to a pole. The gun was later found that day dismantled.

Their is currently an ongoing investigation on this vigilante.

February 23,2018- Tachyon stopped a hit and run. Tachyon ran and pushed a child out of the way. He than ran to the car to get the license plates and to check on the driver. The driver had a fractured rib cage and was immediately taken to Cook County hospital.

Tachyon is seen patrolling through rooftops on Addison.

Tachyon is patrolling more in the Lincoln area, do to the high jump in crime.

HOPE 2019 Edit

Tachyon joined HOPEFORCE and its allies for a homeless outreach for his city. During Hope 2019, Tachyon showed off his Bleeding Edge suit, which Impact and Night Vision said looked like a mix of The Flash and Spider-Man, to which Tachyon later confirmed.

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Tachyon patrolling on a rooftop.

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