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Toxic aka Tox 2006 He First Appeared Rumored A Bouncer From Kansas.A very Quiet Practitioner of American Kenpo and of The Mysterious Desert Fox Boxing System.Rumored Mid West origin Taller Than Average Over 6"3 says A Group He Saved From A Attack By 3men, Who spoke of A Handsome Male with curling Locs and Dimples Bi-racial Male walking with a backpack setting it down calmy, Smiling showing a Dashing Dimple,And Swiftly Engagement of The 3 Criminals Defeated them in 1 minute say witnesses "He Ducked Dodged parrying All There Strikes And Moved Like Right Out Of A Action Movie??!!Definitions of the 3 Criminals were Physically Very fit And Tall,says witnesses took place East St.Louis."The Best Fighter They Had Ever Seen" Says A Large Group Of By standers.Rumored He spoke of his Father was in the military died 2007 after Dialysis Battle's ultimately loosing His Life To Cancer rumors he fully became Tox Rlsh 2007 the Night of His Father's Passing,And there on forward in total secret Yet hiding identity from negative family members who never had knowledge of his life Long training, Starting as young as 5yrs old,A pair Of Foam nunchucks A gift from his Father And Private Training in Arizona,Not Shown Even to his estranged Brother.With his secret skills and life tearing his world Apart He Decided to Roam America Fighting For The Forgotten and Voiceless.Rumored to be looking for long lost brother A banished gang member from the mid West area Not Even Interested in Finding him?.Tox is believed to be 30 to 40yrs old.His name And Support rings bells as far as Australia To Bangladesh Starting from The Streets of the mid West A Troubled Homeless Teen Fighting For His Favorite Sister's Safety, He is Still Rumored to Fight For American Citizens present Day 2020 GO GO MYSTERIOUS HERO - Reporting Group 2020

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