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Vital Statistics
Hero Superhero
Alias(es) Super Hero, Old Superhero
Category Public Service
Location Clearwater, FL, USA
Identity Public
Alter Ego Dale Pople
Status Retired
Superhero Activity
Faction Team Justice
Affiliates Artisteroi
Foes N/A
Actions N/A
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Cape (Red0
Colors Red, Yellow
Symbol Letters "S" and "H"
Equipment Super-Mobile
Abilities N/A
For other uses of Super, see Super (disambiguation)

Superhero was an American Real Life Superhero in Clearwater, Florida.

The former chairman of the non-profit organization Team Justice Inc, as well as weightlifter, former pro-wrestler and police academy graduate, Dale Pople works in broadcasting when he wasn't being a RLSH. He utilized his status as a well-known member of the RLSH community to provide support to other RLSHs.  

As of 2018, he is now retired, as according to the Tampa Bay Times[1].  


A member of the RLSH community for over 15 years, he was featured in the HBO Documentary "Superheroes" and in the Canadian Reality series "TV made me do it." He uses a 2000 Corvette as a "Supermobile" and was one of the more colorful characters in the RLSH community.

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