Wargod KHA (also known as "Strife") is a part-time superhero protecting Orange County, California from paranormal and extradimensional threats such as demons, extraterrestrials, and organized crime. He is the founder and leader of The Order of Lightning, a knights templar group.


He has been semi-active since 2012 when he had a spiritual awakening as a born again Christian and holy warrior due to the first manifestations of his powers. He saw God as "He who empowers" him.

"My uncle was the commander of the ARVN's red berets, airborne special forces and my father was the highest ranking officer in South VIetnam's psychologial warfare division; both served during the VIetnam War. Compared to both of them.. I'm not even a man.. I'm a god of war."

- Strife in 2019/20XX A.D.


By the time he was 8 years old, he started learning martial arts for self defense. Growing up in a military famiy (his father was a PSYOPS Captain and his uncle-in-law was commander of the airborne special forces (Red Berets) during the Vietnam war/conflict.) his earliest memories were playing war games with his younger brother Eric "McRustyJr" Tran, a competitive Smash Bros Player in the SoCal circuits. These experiences later helped him write the viral Art of War 2 and the lesser known Art of War 3.

He spent most of his twenties as an agent of influence where he was an online influencer named Asian Adonis. Webfluential ranked him the 26th most influential person in 2017 for politics and finance in the USA.


Twitter: wargodkha

Instagram: @morganlafeyirl


Featured in the news: Breitbart, Forbes, Ventuebeat, Yahoo! News, MMORPG, GeekReply, Rooster Teeth, etc...


Strife is an ordained minister and knight templar who co-founded the Order of Lightning and the Church of Simon Magus. He has an honorary PhD in religious economics from Prixton Church and University.


Strife began studying martial arts at 8 years old. He earned his blue belt in brazilian jiujitsu from Legacy BJJ, a Joe Moreira school. He also earned his 1st kyu brown belt in Shotokan Karate under Greg Scott. He served as a co-instructor for Orange Coast College's mixed martial arts club. He holds a Martial Arts Fitness Instructor certification from the American Sports & Fitness Association. In addition, he has trained in Kendo (Japanese fencing) for a year at the Orange County Buddhist Club (OCB).

He established his own self defense style of martial arts called the HUNTER Self Defense System. This style of martial arts adds psychological warfare (PSYOPS) into the traditional and MMA structure as it is a conflict art and not a 1vs1/interpersonal art.


He has demonstrated on his social media through livestreams the use of psychokinesis.

He claims he developed the superpowers after a run in with the occult years ago; it is the reason he decided to become a superhero as great power comes with great responsibility.


In 2017, while filming The Art of War 3 livestream series he developed reality warping abilities. After 2 years of intensive practice and training with his newfound powers, he changed his name again to Wargod Kha (although he still goes by Strife) to reflect the changes to his power-level.

"I'm basically an omega-level mutant/homosuperior out in the open.. I'm like 90% sure that in the far future.. They'll revive me to help them win a war against a world-ending threat. Actually.. I'm 100% sure on that.. It's already here and it's called Second Coming."

- Wargod Kha in 2019/20XX A.D.

His partner is Iona, the Kun Peng/Leviathan summon. She has been with him since his days as Khidr/Kothar-wa-Khasis.

Name: Wargod Kha, also known as Strife, formerly known as Asian Adonis.

..inspire seen in Ragnarok Online's monk character class.

Height: 5'8 Weight: 170lbs

Age: 30 (Born in the Year of the Dragon)

Profession: Marketing Manager

Alumni: UCLA B.A. '10, Saint Florian Seminary & College M.B.A. '19

Family: Uncle-in-law (deceased) ARVN Red Beret Commander in the Vietnam War; Father, ARVN Captain of PSYOPS

Years Active; 2011 to 2012, 2017 to Present

Team/Affiliations: Order of Lightning


- XCOR 134 IQ

- MENSA (Mobile App Certified) 132 IQ

- ICONN 160 IQ

- ATI High Range IQ Test 152 IQ

- Holland Codes 100 Intellect

- IBM Watson Personality Assessment 100% Intellect

(1% needs and 2% need of love)

- Leadership Assessment 90% (weighted)

- Predictive Admissions Test, Founder Institute - Prodigy Score

- GMAT Integrated Reasoning - 99 Percentile

- Stanford 9 99% Percentile (3 years)

- Member of Profundus High IQ Society

- Member of Synapse High IQ Society

- Member of World Intelligence Network (WIN) High IQ Society

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