Streamline and Snipestroke were a duo of superhero crime fighters operating in Columbus, in May of 2016, to September of 2016. Occassionaly, there was a hero named the Bansee, who would fight with them, but only on 2 occasions. Snipestroke and Streamline both kept their identity's secret. It was later revealed by one of their friends, that Streamline's name might be Jack, and Snipestroke's might be Ike. 

Streamline Edit

Streamline was a majorly water based hero, with a costume consisting of, blue swim trunks, green goggles, and sometimes a blue seahorse t-shirt.

Snipestroke Edit

Snipestroke was a hardcore superhero, who's costume consisted of a bulletproof grey and black Deathstroke mask. He was equpued with several different airsoft guns. Snipestroke was a darker hero than Streamline.

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