Stealth Sicarian is a Dutch Real Life Superhero who operates in Zwolle, a city in the Netherlands. He got inspired by Arrow and the local vigilante known as Bloodslash which he´s now on a team with.

Stealth Sicarian
Stealth Sicarian
Vital Statistics
Hero Stealth Sicarian
Alias(es) Reverse Smurph, Blue Giant
Category N/A
Location Zwolle, The Netherlands
Identity secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status active
Superhero Activity
Faction Angels of Orange
Affiliates Captain BrightLight, Bloodslash, Incredible Spider, Urban Soldier, GhostGuy, Carnage Canine
Foes N/A
Actions charity
Physical Description
Gender male
Costume still in development
Colors blue, black
Symbol a Double S in the shape of a helix coloured in blue and black
Equipment bokken, hand catapult
Abilities hypermobile, extreme fast (running), tall (heigh)

history Edit

Stealth Sicarian tried multiple attempts of becomming a RLSH.

Stealth Sicarian grew up in Zwolle, a city in The Netherlands.

He is very tall 1,94 (6,4 feet).

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