Internet picture of StarKnightJun.

Hero Stats
Hero Name: Star Knight
Alternare Names: Star Knight Jun
Region: Scotland
Abilities: Trustworthiness, Gadgeteer, Advanced Problem Solving
Activity: Active, Hidden
Foes: General Crime, Other's Life Problems
Associate Groups: The Council of Star Knights
Inspirations: Geist, Thanatos, Personal Creativity, Personal Superhero Universe

Star Knight, or Jun Kris Jamin, is an Internet assistance group manager for the group "The Council of Star Knights." Not only that, also this Scotish man takes delight in helping others in person as the lesser known and deeply undercover hero "Star Knight." While he is not out discouraging evil or helping others, he is busy with science. He studies quantum physics, chemistry, and astronomy. Star Knight knows the English and French language, but only uses French on occasion. Naturally every greeting online he has is "Bonjour! This is Star Knight."

The Council of Star KnightsEdit

The Council of Star Knights is a group specifically created to help people with any problems in life they face. Along with making Journals and messages they give one-on-one help to people in need via Internet with selflessness and with no expectation for something in return. Their common motto is "If you are going to trust anybody, trust the Star Knights."

Superhero OriginEdit

Nothing special as usual. Jun Jamin was influenced by both the fictional and real-life superheroes. Being an artist, creative, and having an open, logic-based mind he shaped his own universe of superheroes with his brother Sir Snickerdoodle. As the invention of his own superhero universe went along and he developed a passion for science, he constantly modified the universe to have advanced scientific scemes run the show. Coming up with many possiblilties, he found that real-life superheroes actually can have abilities simular to those that fictional superheroes have. Starting off in his own heroics, he has constantly kept modifying his own abilities until he is sure he can take a trip to America and share them with the rest of the Real Life Superheroes.

Donning a constume of black with yellow/gold plating and a black hat and mask, he stealthily goes through Glasgow and neighbors discouraging crime while testing out his most recent gadgets. His most successful ones are the shocker gloves, the concussionist, the camo blanket, the cesium smoker, anti-footing slip plastic, and the sodium/potassium firebolt. All of the are proven to be non-harmful, unless someone was bombarded with too many potassium firebolts, but overall everthing is non-harmful if used responsibly.

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