Star Knight
Star Knight
Vital Statistics
Hero Star Knight
Alias(es) Star Knight Jun
Category Gadgeteer, General Life Helper, Crime Fighter, Hero Mentor
Location Glasgow, Scotland
Identity Absolutely Secret
Alter Ego Star Knight, Jun Jamin
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction None
Affiliates The Council of Star Knights
Foes General Life Problems
Actions Gadget construction and testing, hero mentoring
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Black Clothes, Boots, Mask, and Hat, Goldish Plating
Colors Black and Gold
Symbol None
Equipment Gadgets
Abilities Super Trustworthiness, Increased Pain Toleration

Star Knight is a Real Life Superhero. Star Knight is a mentor, scientist, gadgeteer, and hero. Taking a strictly stealthy path in Scotland, he constantly keeps crime watching their backs in paranoia, bewaring of the Cesium Smoker, a cesium smokebomb. His motive is to do one of the only things a Super Hero really desires, no opposition. So, he constantly helps others via the Internet with the Council of Star Knights or out and about helping others heroes or citizens, fighting crime or, once again, giving general help.


Star Knight is not happy with his past. He was an evil person, using his advanced scheming and superior backstabbing skills to absolutely humiliate others. Ever since a time of depression in his life, he began to look at things differently. Despite attempting suicide twice, he found that he could be a loyal and helpful person, using his scheming for good and sticking close with someone to the end. Having a deep interest in science and being naturally good at mathematics, he managed to create many advanced gadgets using a few items at home and in local markets. Ever since he found the Real Life Superheroes, he became inspired and took on a uniform himself. As a mentor, brilliant mind, and selfless helper he took the name "Star Knight."

He is also Scotland's First Superhero.

External LinksEdit

Star Knight has a Deviant Art account where he mainly operates with his online help. He is in his Internet group called "The Star Knights" a temporary place for the Council of Star Knights.

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