Spectacular Spider Gymnast
A spectacular gymnast
Vital Statistics
Hero Spider Gymnast
Alias(es) SSG
Category Hero
Location California
Identity secret
Alter Ego Sometimes answers to "chip"
Status on a training retreat
Superhero Activity
Faction the Blues
the Bodybuilders
the Glorious
the Hoods
the Revolutionaries
the Three
the Tricksessed
the True Heroes
the Tutors
Affiliates Unknown
Foes Lobo, the Narrator
Actions Battles sexual discrimination
Inspires physical fitness
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Mask, Top, Pants
Colors Blue and Red
Symbol Spider
Equipment Gymnastics bar, rock climbing wall, trampoline
Abilities Back flip, front flip, side splits
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The Spectacular Spider Gymnast (or SSG) is an agile acrobat who uses his calisthenic control to inspire and teach the next generation to be super-heroes like Spider-Man. He was last seen in California in 2009.


Basically a guy in a Spider-Man suit except with bare feet and exposed hands for gripping things like rock-climbing walls.


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