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Formerly known as Blue Lightning, Shadow Striker works alongside The Bat now known as Sagittarius. Not much is known about him other than that he has worked with The Bat and he is also a teenager. He was trained by a female in street fighting she has been know as The Street Fighter and The Stranger. Based on working with Sagittarius he is thought as working in Sioux City. He as all great heroes has taken quite a beating by. He took his greatest defeat from the duo of brother and sister Ying and Yang. After Ying was defeated his sister Yang took off and was never seen since.

Ying and Yang are not known by the police as villains but after Yang took off SF and SS looked away for a minute when they looked back at where Ying was he was running away but he climbed in a car and drove away before they could catch him. Never once did they commit a big crime other than a few muggings and attempt to kill The Bat. He has not found out about the attempted assasination it was kept a secret from him and Shadow Striker

The Street FighterEdit

The Street Fight taught Shadow Striker everthing he knows about fighting. She took him in as an apprentice when he was 10 and taught him how to fight. She taught him how to use metal batons as dual weapons and how to street fight. After his training was done almost 2 years later she retired after being caught by her parents and shipped to Kansas to be put in a nuthouse. After Street Fighter's retirement SS worked with The Bat but never help eachother in a fight but they exchange info since they live in the same area.

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