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Vital Statistics
Hero Seven
Alias(es) SE7EN
Category Crime fighting
Location Mantova, Italy
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates N/A
Foes Pedophilia, Drugs, Stalking, Sexual abuses
Actions Pedophilia, Drugs, Stalking, Sexual Abuse
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Armored suit, Mask, Kevlar gloves, Reinforced boots
Colors Black, White, Silver, Green
Symbol 7
Equipment Handcuffs, Shurikens, Telescopic carbon sticks
Abilities Kick-boxing, Krav Maga

Seven is a Real Life Superhero.


After a lifetime of excesses and violence, Seven was born in april 2014. Controversial Italian Real Life Super Hero, he patrols the neighborhoods of the small town of Mantova in search of drug dealers and sexual abusers, but his favourites "preys" are pedophiles... Dressed up in a black and silver armored costume with green inserts that recall his eyes, his name is inspired by the 7 deadly sins on which he bases its fight against evil. He always tries to warn the authorities but, in extreme cases, to challenge evildoers can use kickboxing, handcuffs, shurikens, and his beloved telescopic polycarbonate sticks. It is also said he wants to find new RLSH in north-central Italy to form a new faction.

His catch-phrase? I am Seven, I am the law![citation needed]

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