"Live Well. It is the Greatest Revenge" -The Talmud
Vital Statistics
Hero Samael
Alias(es) Two Face, Sam, Fireman, Picasso Ghost Rider
Category Crime Prevention, Homeless Outreach
Location Des Moines, Iowa
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction CyHawk Guardians of America
Affiliates Geist (primary RLSH partner), The Challengers, Xtreme Justice League
Foes Elitists, Apathy, Truly Evil RLSVs
Actions Homeless Outreach/Donations, Missing People/Pets Poster Hangups, Crime Prevention
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Half Red/Blue Skull Balaclava, Blue/Black Baseball Jacket, Red/Black Leather Padded Running Pants, Gauntlets, Punch Enhance Gloves with Red Biking Gloves stretched over, Red Chains, Red/Blue/Black Utility Belt, Motorcross Jacket/hin Guards, Spikes, Custom Patches from Razorhawk.
Colors Mainly Black, Red, and Blue. Yellow as a minor color
Symbol Red/Blue Skull
Equipment Slingshot, Pepper Spray, Paintball Smoke Sticks, Video Camera, Shoulder Tactical Light, Good Luck Candy Bag, Gray Spray Paint, Night Vision Goggles
Abilities MMA, Hapkido, Army Training, Engineering Skills

Samael is a Real Life Superhero from the Midwest Region of the United States. He is mainly known for being associated with Geist of Minnesota.


After watching the RLSH documentary, he began contacting RLSH groups across the country with little success at first until he made a breakthrough with Mr. Xtreme of the Xtreme Justice League who was kind enough to give him guidance.

Photo taken by Geist

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Photo taken by Geist

He works primarily solo, though he does team up with the Challengers and Geist time to time. Keeps in regular contact with Mr. Xtreme, for he was the first RLSH he ever contacted. First patrol was with Geist and Electron of the Challengers La Crosse Branch.

He takes the name Samael after an important archangel in Jewish, Talmudic, and Christian Lore. Views on Samael in religous lore varies, but it is consistent that he is an archangel of death that is viewed neither black/white good or evil. Or both depending on the circumstances.

Samael (RLSH) reflects this in his costume via his red/blue skull mask.

He currently attends the University of Iowa for his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering.

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