Vital Statistics
Hero Salvation
Alias(es) none
Category none
Location Houston, TX
Identity Secret
Alter Ego unknown
Status Inactive Since late 2017
Superhero Activity
Faction none
Affiliates none
Foes Drug Dealers and thugs
Actions Has given money to the poor, helped out people in peril either a mugging or fight. things that get too serious he goes to the police.
Physical Description
Gender male
Costume grey sweat pants, black jacket with "S" symbol, running shoes, and black ski mask
Colors black and grey
Symbol An S logo
Equipment primary weapons are pipes wrapped with electric tape, but secondary weapons are sometimes a bat
Abilities Self Taught amateur boxing
Houstons salvation (2)

Template:Salvation is a Real Life Superhero.

☀No one in Houston, Texas knows what he does for the people in the city and he wants to keep it that way. Hiding in the shadows may not be what he wants to do but it was what he did. He waits for the moment when he can let Houston know that they were protected by patrolling their streets. He is on and off in the years 2016-2017 as a real-life superhero but when he can, he goes out and tries to protect the innocent and those who can't protect themselves.

History Edit

The sudden appearances of a masked hero popped up in Houston, Texas around 2016. It was unknown who or what the masked figure was doing. No news coverage was ever done on this hero but rumors and some few hard to find eyewitnesses have seen him. The hero soon became very rare to see but someone that met him was told directly that their name was Salvation and they have a duty to protect the city. There is no information on the whereabouts of the hero to this day. According to the few that knew him, he was a high school student that got fed up with the rising crime rate in Houston. He took up boxing and became aware of the impression he had to present in the city. From his garage to the streets of Houston, he gave money and goods to homeless people. He has gotten caught up in fights and has stopped some muggings in progress. When the situation is out of hand, he calls the police. It is estimated that he has been doing this late 2016 to late 2017. Currently, it is unknown whether he still fights crime in Houston now. The last known thing to his name is a published story, not completed but is based on this hero. It is "Salvation: Hero of Houston" posted on Wattpad.

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