Red X (Rebellion X) is a Anti Hero Activist, He is affiliated with few members of RLSH

History Edit

Red X (Rebellion X) as an 18 years old activist AntiHero, He is diagnosed with schizophrenia and delusion he is supposed to be a called hero, But he has a psychotic episodes happening to his head. He's mind is separated between good and evil, But still he is patrolling the streets at night and punish the wicked and defending the weak. Ever since he was child he was traumatized because of her mothers use of illegal drugs. At that time he wanted to give revenge to those who deal with drugs. he have anger issues between some topics that can trigger his memories from the past and unleash his wicked self. But still he is a inspirational Anti hero who help people who are in need.

He has missions to accomplish cyber world and physical world, He is dealing with a lot of puzzles and projects to do. He tries to connect and communicate to other RLSH to have sociability to other members of the world. He is the known creator of Project X Website. Where other RLSH,RLSV,RLAH. are supposed to meet and be monitored from their activism. he makes websites, Decipher codes, He identify specific runes. And he do coding also photoshop and other stuffs. Aside from that he is a know martial artist from Aikido,Krav maga,Karate and Arnis. He uses X as a symbol that X marks the spot. X symbolizes Justice and Pride for him. He patrols down the streets looking for people who are causing some trouble Through drug dealing and other illegal uses that people do. With any suspicion he studies his prey for a week or more for a prep time. Then he will execute his preparation after gathering data.


"Be wise Think Twice"

"X Marks the spot"

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