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The outsiders
Vital Statistics
Hero willdDevill Hoodshot miss sergent dark archer
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Category Anti hero
Location Stockton California
Identity Unknown
Alter Ego Pharelle Jackson leader lina leader second commandkayla deford

Jonathan Johnny mack

Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction None
Affiliates Miss sergen

kayla deford friend love interest Johnny mack friend lina friend

Foes Drugs dealers & nicks killer
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Physical Description
Gender pharelle Jackson aka dark archer Male

Lina aka wild Devil female Jonathan mack aka Hoodshot male kayla deford aka miss sergent female

Costume Pharelle Jackson black lea\blue hoodie lina red hoodie Johnny mack blue hoodie kayla deford camerflosh
Colors Black red blue and white
Symbol TO
Equipment Dark archer compound bow and arrow/hand wraps vest archery glove/strap combat knives

Hoodshot two hand guns. Wlidevil two fighting knives Miss sergent military combat knife.

Abilities Dark archer: expert archer\marksman expert COMBATANT leadership expert thief

Expert escape artist expert athlete Skilled in acrobatics exceptional swordsman expert stick/staff figter Hood shot master marksman Master combatant. Drug specialist. Miss sergent skilled cadet master dancer combatant. Willd devil knife welder escape artist master hand to hand combat

  • EARLY LIFE the outsiders is team of outcasts heroes of Stockton California 
  • Lina Angevna was amateur boxer when she was 3 years old but give it up because of family issues her father would beat her I abuse her 24.7 but her step mom went to court for ownship of her and brother then in 2018 she met former athlete and archer jrotc cadet pharelle Jackson one-day he was walking home from school and accidentally bump into her they talk every day became friends and later they formed the outsiders adopt the name willddevil
  • Johnny Jonathon Morse he was troubled kid he started study logstics of drugs and drinking when he  was 6 yrs old
  • And marksmanship after that eventually started going on crime heist and became good at it  in 2018 he still drug Lord and trouble he got in to a fight and guy in green wind breaker he ask :who are you my name is Pharelle Jackson  but later adopt the name hood shot
  • Kayla dalford \ pharelle Jackson Pharelle pharturde sergen live Jackson  he was little kid he was big power rangers and superhero fan growing up  he would watch tv 📺 all time and he did track and field  for 1st 2nd_3rd place ribbons but had disabilitiy growing up but 2011 his mom past when was 8yrs old and never met his dad so his grandfather and grandma  in elementary and middle school  he was out of shape he would get 17 minutes on the mille and he almost got diabetes and doctor said start dieting and exercising and he did so he can play sports got in good shape 
  • In 2018 freshmen year he went to play football but  his coach was racist  so Pharelle quit 
  • And Pharelle was bad kid got Dr t the office for poor judgement  
  • Sophomore year he was try start over but still trying to
  • He was 12yrs old he did marksmanship and made bow and arrow practice in 2019 he got compound now and became dark archer got place in jrotc 
  • Kayla dalford she was dancing at young age was interested in medical science when was young was would always watch Grey's anatomy all time but when was middle school Pharelle Jackson bump into her and they talk and he was in love at first,sight  Kayla got offended and walk away 
  • But In 8th grade rel & Kayla patch things up 
  • When pharelle was sleeping 😴 he was flicked by bully but Kayla stopped him after became good friends 
  • In 2018_freshmen year Pharelle saw Kayla again and they talked half the time
  • Pharelle and Kayla  friend
  • Pharelle and angilevena friend 
  • Johnny & Pharelle friend
  • Johnny & Kayla teammate & former classmate
  • Kayla and avgilevna acquaintance & teammate
  • Abillties and skills
  • Willdevil 

Skilled knife fighter

Angilvena  is skilled at using knives she keeps under her pillow and one time use it when her father tried to attacked her trims with it every day[]
  • ====Expert escape artist ====
  •   Ilna manage to traps numerous of times including with for         kidnap by her psy psychothtic father. 
  • Skilled hand to hand combat

Angilveena did boxing when she did yrs old with that she managed to create her own fighting style

  • Hoodshot
  • Master marksman 

Johnny learned how to use firearms from very early age especially when grandfather served military must inharred his skills

  • Drug specialist

Johnny is Expert on numerous types of drugs

  • Master combatant

Johnny does  slap boxing unlike Pharelle when his style is thai boxing is hand must in fist  Johnny create style that's unique 

  • strategist

Johnny has vast intelligence when  comes with strategy.

Miss sergeant

  • Expert cadet 

Kayla did jrotc since her freshmen year she  knows movemen rd of solider

  • Master dancer

Kayla dance at young age  also do to being step team and doing step at rally s and go to practice every day  she skilled in art of dancing 💃

  • Skilled mixed martial artist

Kayla  deford is capable fighter she uses dancing to her by throwing punches and kicks with acrobat moves with step her stance is precise

  • stick fighting

To be added.

  • Dark archer
  • Expert marksman & skilled archer 

Pharelle did marksmanship at age of 12yrs  he is very good at shooting box targets and is considered sharpshooter by his grandfather and sister he add that to his archery skills and use boxing glove arrow with his arrows never misses a shot

  • Expert escape artist

Pharelle know to get out varyity of traps including ropes when football teammates drugged and integrated him they were distracted enough for him untie the rope sk

  • skilled martial artist pharelle is skiiled in karate muay thai wrestling also pratice boxing since he was 12 years old
  • Free runner

Pharelle is skilled in parkour and he did track when he was kid

  • Mechanical knowledge
  • Skilled staff fighter Pharelle Jackson is proficient in stick fighting he can someone in second

Pharelle help his grand father fixed up that was given to him 

  • skilled Guitarist/ musician/singer 

Pharelle played electric guitar and acoustic guitar he also plays in church band and very good musican he also has good singing voice he can play piano without training and practice

  • Jrotc cadet

Pharelle is jrotc cadet bravo base

  • Investigation skills\detective

Pharelle is skilled detective he can slove case in day 

  • Peak physical condition

Pharelle treats his body like temple he work out all tim

  • leadership pharelle has good leading quatiles
  • mortorcylist tba


  • Genius level intellect Salvador is highly intelligent he gets straight a,s and takes advanced classes 
  • Expert hacker/technology knowledge Salvador is highly skilled in technology he can hack game consoles security cameras and cryptic codes
  • Mechanclelize combat mech tba
  • gifted Artist

salvador is talent artist he draw a picture of jim persons