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This wiki should have a small encyclopedia section that covers the generalities of the RLSH community such as origins, history and influences.

RLSH PrecursorsEdit

  • Could possibly do profiles on percursors to the RLSH, which in its current incarnation combines comic book influence with folk vigilantism.
  • Possible individuals/groups
    • Captain Sticky
    • The Fox aka James Phillips
      • Wikipedia
      • Book published under pseudonym, Ray Fox, "Raising Kane: The Fox Chronicles"
      • Featured after his death in "A Citizen's Guide to Preserving Fox River" published by the Conservation Foundation and the Fox River Ecosystem Partnership, archived in Flash here
        • Short sidebar on him (part of a series of short blurbs called "Fox River Heroes") on pages 40-41

James Phillips aka "The Fox" 1930-2001

A middle school science teacher for 10 years and a field inspector for the Kane County Environmental Dept, Jim became internationally known as a Robin Hood-type folk hero operating under the pseudonym "The Fox." His 30-year clandestine campaign to raise awareness of the pollution of the environment by corporations began in March 1969, and included targeting local companies for their pollution of lakes, creeks, streams and stormwater run-off through sabotage like plugging up drain pipes and leaving dead fish at corporate headquarters. Fox River advocate Ralph Frese remembers his friend, The Fox, and one of their adventures: "There was a property where a landowner had a silica mine, just upstream from Wedron," Ralph recalled. "They were filling in a canyon to make a washing dam. It was near this rare red pine, and we were complaining about the desecration of plant life on the bluffs. I went to State Forestry asking them to come down and look at what they were doing. The night before they came, the Fox and I went down the river and he tacked up a four-foot sign on a dead tree - What God giveth, Owens Illinois Taketh Away. We did a number of things like that. It was fun over the years." At the end, when Jim was in the hospital, he called Ralph. "He had diabetes and he was about to lose his leg. He said to me, 'Ralph, what was the most important thing I've done? Was it working with the kids?' "I think the most important thing was the unique way he alerted the community that there was a problem with the river. He left his little message with a logo and he got the media to expand his message, all over the world. The Bangkok newspapers reported 'The Kendall County Fox strikes again.' "He made the point that it is possible for one person to make a difference in this world."

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