This policy page sets out a Manual of Style for the Real Life Superheroes Wiki to act as guidelines in ensuring an uniform approach in article creation, editing, and wiki management.


Due to the fact that this is a wiki, it is highly encouraged that wiki code is used instead of HTML, in order to maintain an uniform editing experience. This will also help with preventing any junk code from appearing in articles, which would necessitate further edits just to clean up the code.


  • Headings - <h2>Text</h2> should be translated into ==Text== wiki code. This will help with ensuring the headings are read properly for Table of Contents. (If you are using the Visual mode of the page editor, the wiki code should automatically be applied when you choose what type of heading you wish to use.)
  • Lists - bulleted/numbered lists should be using the * or # which is simpler than using the HTML tag equivalent.
  • Font formatting - When text needs to be bolded or italicized, the wiki code should be used instead of using the HTML tag equivalents. (If you are using the Visual mode of the page editor, the wiki code should automatically be applied when you choose what formatting you wish to use.)
  • Links - Linking within the wiki as well as to external links should be done using wiki code and avoid using the <a href="URL"></a>tags. This is because internal and external links are automatically presented using an universal template that the HTML tags might not utilize.


This section governs how this wiki will handle language and wording.

General Rule of Thumb

The rules for Standardized American English should be considered to be the guidelines to be followed when writing anything meant for the general consumption of the wiki. These rules can be relaxed somewhat for the personal areas of the wiki such as user pages, blog posts, and community-centric pages. However, this means that excessive use of CAPSLOCK, misspelling, grammar mistakes will be edited into oblivion.

Point of View

All articles should be written with a neutral point of view. This does not mean that any and all points of view will be considered valid. So, posts that espouse a point of view that assumes acceptance as fact theories that go against the laws of reality as the general public currently knows them, such as the existence of psychic powers or abilities to replicate fictional superpowers without any corresponding scientific fact, will be viewed with extreme skepticism. This wiki does not exist to push a specific agenda and any attempts to distort the neutrality of this wiki in order to validate a certain point of view will be denied with extreme prejudice.


Use of the Oxford Comma is encouraged to prevent any confusion with the meaning of a sentence. However, excessive comma usage is also not encouraged. If a sentence has several different clauses separated by commas, it is likely that rewriting the sentence so it is not so convoluted would help with making the language on this wiki as clear as possible. Please do not abuse semi-colons either.


This wiki uses American English so spelling used in British English should be changed to the American English in order to maintain consistency within the wiki.

However, exceptions should be made for cases where the British spelling is used within names.


This describes the general format or layout of pages for the wiki.

Directory Articles

The introductory paragraph for an individual or team profile should provide a description with the name in bold with relevant information such as location, affiliates/members and summary of the individual or team's philosophy.

The relevant infobox template is required.

Headings to be used for a Directory article:

  • History - details of when the individual became a RLSH or when the team was formed and any notable history would be placed here
  • Images - this should be where the image gallery should be placed if there are any additional pictures available other than the profile picture.
  • References - if there are any citations used, then place the references tag here.
  • External Links - links to social media sites and websites should be listed last on the page

Encyclopedia Articles

The introductory paragraph should be a general summary or description of the article with the name in bold.

Headings to be used for a Encyclopedia article:

  • Relevance to RLSH - this should build upon the introductory paragraph and link the subject of the article specifically to why it is relevant to the subject of this wiki.
  • References - if there are any citations used, then place the references tag here.
  • External Links - links to additional websites, including Wikipedia, should be listed last on the page
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