This policy provides some guidelines in regards to images on the wiki.

Quality Criteria

In order to enforce a certain degree of quality standard on the Wiki, it is recommended that images uploaded to the Wiki for the purposes of a RLSH profile follow these guidelines:

  • Focus - the photo should not be blurry or out of focus
  • Usefulness - if the photo is underexposed or overexposed to the point where the subject of the photo is not visible, then please refrain from uploading the picture if it will not provide useful context to the article
  • Offensiveness - if the picture has offensive content that is not family-friendly, please refrain from uploading it.
  • Veracity - please avoid non-photographic depictions for the main profile. If there is fanart or stylized drawings of the RLSH available that you wish to feature on their profile, please place them in the body of the article in an image gallery under the heading of Images.


Since the majority of pictures uploaded will be of living people, please be sure to include a license when the photo is uploaded. Most likely, the license used will be fair use since even if the photo is a self-portrait, the copyright still belongs to the photographer unless they specify that they give up all copyright or release it under Creative Commons.


Please name the files in a brief yet descriptive manner. This will help with ensuring the files are linked to easily, as well as facilitating image search.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.