This page lists what needs to be done on the wiki to improve it. The list is categorized according to areas of the wiki. The closer to the top the goal is, the higher priority it is.

Main PageEdit

This page needs to be organized better as it's the main page.

Need to create following:

  • Short summary of what a RLSH is with a link for the main article
  • Summary of what the wiki is with a link to the main article (to be created)
  • Featured article
  • List of articles needing to be edited - Linked to using top navigational menu, might link later...
  • Site Map

Introduction SectionEdit

Should create a section to help introduce people to site and ensure uniform quality. Possible list of pages to create:

  • Rules section or category?
  • Manual of style
  • Link to this page
  • Set out policies (already created citation policy to have format)

Site Layout/DesignEdit

Goals related to prettying up the site.

CSS DesignEdit

Need to work on a standard CSS for the infobox and prospective portals using MediaWiki:Wikia.css without needing to specify colors of tables, etc.

Graphic WordmarkEdit

Should create a graphic wordmark instead of using text wordmark due to spacing issues. Would like logo plus "Real Life Superheroes Wiki" next to it.

Official Wiki ImageEdit

Wiki was just updated to MediaWiki v1.19 but would need picture to be able to promote. Should make an official logo/picture-- should create a mosaic using pictures of all the RLSH on here.

Image MapEdit

Should create an image map of a world map in order to visually sort RLSH individuals/groups by geographic location (refer to for how to best use the extension)

Social MediaEdit

Create a template that allows for linking to be done to social media pages and graphically displays social media's site logo to help differentiate it visually?

  • Facebook - most RLSH have one
  • MySpace - some of earlier incarnations of RLSH have only this
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr - Wiki has one at

Navigation MenuEdit

There's a limit of 4 menus so will need to organize wiki into 4 sections. Might want to consider editing Common.js to add AddNavMenuItems Javascript, to enable turning on 5th menu conditional on page being viewed.


This submenu should mirror what will be on Main page and links pages in the RLSH Wiki category.

This submenu (planned) should hold the pages that will be created for individuals, people, concepts that are not directly RLSH such as independent observers, press/media coverage (?), RLSV.
Links page is getting so huge and unwieldy that might need to divide it up into multiple pages and directly link them here in this submenu.

RLSH EncyclopediaEdit

This submenu should link to all of the various articles created to provide context for the RLSH. Possible categories:

  • RLSH Terms - unique terms that are defined and explained
  • RLSH Influences - articles on the influences on the RLSH movement
  • RLSH Media - various media like films & books that are related to the RLSH movement

RLSH DirectoryEdit

This submenu is further divided into individual and group profiles, which then have drop down menus with the different ways of sorting.


Currently only link to be kept is the Achievements Board to encourage contribution but forum is likely not a good fit for the current activity of this wiki. Perhaps this should be a welcome/editor recruitment area.


This submenu will cater to registered users editing wiki and aggregate the special pages like listing all recent changes and the manually updated to do list of pages. Will likely need to subsume under Community tab.

Navigational Box on BottomEdit

Since some of the entries in the RLSH Directory are long, the top navigational menu would be annoying to get to even if the Return to Top button is clicked for logged in users (it won't appear for anonymous users). Will likely need to be a table mirroring look of Main Page

Real Life SuperheroesEdit

  • Complete general description of RLSH @ Real_Life_Superheroes
    • More info other than definition
    • Likely should contain overview of history, which if detailed enough, can eventually be delineated into a separate page

RLSH DirectoryEdit

  • An index, preferably one that's sorted like an image gallery, that links to all available RLSH profiles on the Wiki.
    • Doing this by categories since that's semi-automated. Will need to create categories that will allow sorting by location and whether active/inactive since alphabetical listing is already done with general category for Category:RLSH Profiles
    • Might still need a general intro page for the individual and group profile subsections
    • Add links allowing for the Directory to be expanded: [add an individual profile] or [add a team profile]
  • Continue creating RLSH profiles when possible
  • Possible ways to categorize RLSH profiles
    • Alphabetical
    • By Activity (whether active, inactive/retired)
    • By Location -- currently have all profiles categorized by country but might want to make the country tags subcategories of continental tags if the country tags proliferate. So far there are only a handful of countries involved: America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, France
    • By Gender? - there seems to be an overwhelming amount of male to female RLSH ratio so might want to add a tag specifically for female RLSH to make it easier to find them

Non-RLSH/Critics/Independent ObserversEdit

    • Consider pages for non-RLSH such as Peter Tangen, photographer of Real Life Superhero Project whose website is now defunct.
    • Should do page for Tea Krulos, blogger of Heroes in the Night who's done hundreds of interviews with RLSH
    • Probably should cover various film makers who did documentaries on RLSHs and maybe a listing of the more well known and archived press articles.
    • There are those who are non-RLSH or RLSV but are critical of the RLSH movement such as law enforcement and civilians like the Citizens Against Costumed Vigilantism group.
  1. Media/Books
    • Books
    • List of news media
  2. RLSH Wiki policy page
    • Might be necessary to make summary page/intro for new contributors such as link to infobox template for new profile creators, sandbox, etc.


    • Consider creating page for the concept of a RLSV due to the presence of ROACH .
    • Create RLSV infobox template (including male & female version of supervillain silhouettes) based off of Template:InfoboxHero except color scheme is in red
    • Might need to make a distinction between RLSH who choose to be based on an anti-hero archetype versus those who choose to be RLSV, irregardless of whether their actions are heroic or not.
    • Some RLSV can be found here (will need to be confirmed if they're tongue in cheek or actually have presence/history--also look up term metavillainry):
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