This is a guide to how to cite references when doing so for articles on the wiki. This policy is partially derived from Wikipedia's citation policy and the Citation Style Chart provided by Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL), which can be downloaded here.

Citation will be in CMS (Chicago Manual of Style). The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) provides a method for source documentation that is used in most history courses. History places much emphasis on source origins, so footnotes and endnotes are used to demonstrate on‐page where a particular piece of information was derived from. In CMS, a number is assigned to a particular fact in the text, and a footnote or endnote will appear at the bottom of the page linking the source to the text. The citation on this wiki should include URLs, even if they are defunct as long as the access date is given, since most sources with info on RLSH are online.

Citation Format for Online SourcesEdit

For the purposes of illustrating the citations, the authors, titles and other info given in the examples below will be fake but share a similar theme. Any names, titles, dates and URLs used in the examples are completely made up for the purposes of the example.

Type of Source Citation Format Example
Book (General) Wayne, Bruce. Living the Billionaire Life. Gotham, NY: Gotham Books, 2012.
Book (Single Author) Kent, Clark.
Book (Two or Three Authors) Kent, Clark, Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne. (sorted alphabetically by last name)
Book (More Than Three Authors) Kent, Clark and Others, (followed by rest of citation)
Article (Magazine) Kent, Clark. "Being the Best You Can Be." Time, July 2010.
Article (Newspaper) Lane, Lois. "My Night with Superman." Daily Planet, August 2006.
Online (General) Author. Document Title. URL. (Date Accessed)
Website Lexcorp. How to Stay Positive in the Wake of Superman. (Accessed August 25, 2007)
Website Page Olson, James. "Why Superman is the Best." SuperheroFan.
Website Page (Unknown Author) "Bruce Wayne is Batman." Gotham Gossip: Superhero Speculation.
Wiki Wiki contributors, "Article Title," Wiki Name, Wiki URL (accessed August 10, 2004).
Book (online) Wayne, Bruce. Living the Billionaire Life. Gotham, NY: 2012.
Article (online magazine/newspaper) Kent, C. "How to Stay Super." Daily Planet. August 15, 2008.
Blog Parker, Peter. Following Spider-man (blog).
Response in Blog Following Spider-man; "I Lost My Camera," blog entry by Peter Parker, August 4, 2011.
Video or Film Superman the Documentary. United States: Paramount Pictures, 2011: DVD, 94 min.
Podcast or YouTube Olsen, James. "Why Superman Will Always Be The Best." Superman's #1 Fan. YouTube.
Facebook Bruce Wayne's Facebook Page, accessed June 12, 2012, http://www.facebook/BruceWayne
Tweet James Olsen, My latest Supes pic!!, February 26, 2011, 3:09pm,

This is so publication date and author of sources used can be easily traced/referenced and if information is volunteered by the RLSH themselves, the social media used can be cited too.

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