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Vital Statistics
Hero Ragensi
Alias(es) The Paramaster, Umbra, Shadow, Shade, Mr.Midnight
Category Level 8 superhero
Location Los Angeles California United States
Identity Secret
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Magical heroes
Affiliates The 5 Mystical ,The Coven of Six ,The 4 Horsemen(Death), Forces of The Night, Justice Warriors of the West Coast
Foes The Devil of Los Angeles, Spiritum, Perpetua, Mohawkan, Leviathan, Serpentina, Foracious the conqueror, The all seeing, Fernoucios, Ceberus and Hadies, The Fallen Angels cult.
Actions Ragensi has fought in Los Angeles for 30 years now! He has saved the city from destruction by mystical forces multiple times, Every now and then he will join a super hero group to defend the world or Los Angeles itself but he is mostly a solo act
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Had multiple costumes through his run but his current one is simple
Colors Black
Symbol A skull
Equipment potions, magical books, magical artificats of many sorts
Abilities Magical abilities of multiple kinds

Ragensi is an American Real Life Superhero.



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