This is a list of websites known to be directly linked to or affiliated with RLSHs where the community socially gathers.


This is the real place to go to. It has everything. Even a public section for non-members to contibute to the whole operation.

Run by Tothian & his moderators (also RLSHs.)


The name is an acronym: Superheroines' Tips And Networking Department. A site reporting on the various community outreach efforts of various RLSH groups serving as a coalition. It may not specifically be for heroines. Visit it here.

Superheroes AnonymousEdit

Website maintained by RLSH based in New York City that focuses on events and programs to foster the RLSH movement. Visit it by clicking here.

The Unreality LabsEdit

Forums linked to the Watchtower site. Registration is currently locked down to prevent spam. Visit it by clicking here.

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