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Purple Reign
Purple Reign
Vital Statistics
Hero Purple Reign
Alias(es) N/A
Category Public Service
Location Seattle, WA, USA
Identity N/A
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Independent
Affiliates Midnight Jack rain city superhero movement( former) Phoenix Jones( ex) Real life superhero community
Foes Domestic violence, thugs
Actions Charity fundraising
Physical Description
Gender Female
Costume Mask (Purple) Suit( Purple)
Colors Purple
Symbol The letters "P" and "R" (backwards) under a crown in purple
Equipment non lethal weapons. uses high tech in later years of her career in the future
Abilities marital artist, body armor, high level intellect, peak physical health,
For other uses of Purple, see Purple (disambiguation)

Purple Reign is a Real Life Superheroine who is believed to be madly in love with the U.Ks greatest vigilante’ the Renegade’ after reading articles about the criminals he is believed to have put behind bars

Purple Reign admitted to having a crush on the mystery hero in black and claims she wants to see who is behind the mask then dive on him


At one point in her life, Purple Reign was the victim of domestic violence. After overcoming the experience, Purple Reign decided to start her campaign against domestic violence by suiting up to bring visibility to the cause.

Purple Reign was formerly married to another figure in the Seattle superhero movement, Phoenix Jones. They seperated in mid-November 2013. After she said she would rather be with the renegade as he’s the world’s no.1 vigilante who is believed to be the best


  • Borderline average intellect
  • Gymnast 
  • Minimal physical condition
  • Insatiable armor



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