Project X is an interactive website that one can use to monitor their activism as a RLSH, RLSV or antihero, as well as to communicate with others on the same alignment.

It was made by Red X (Rebellion X) on December 23 2018.

Project X is a website that monitors your activism as a hero, villain or antihero. This is a website for, in his words, "people who are willing to change their own perspective of their life", by patrolling the streets, blogging oneself, showcasing one's activism to the website and sharing their stories and adventures to other members of the site.

Features include: Edit

  • Interaction with different members of the site.
  • Choice of hero, villain or antihero.
  • A space to discuss RLSH activity.
All members are requested to regularly send in a blog or a video for proof that they are still active.
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