Professor Widget
Image from World Superhero Registry
Vital Statistics
Hero Professor Widget
Alias(es) Thaddius
Category Hero Support
Location Unknown
Identity Unknown
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Non-Active
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates Green Scorpion
Foes Actual Science
Actions Equipped members of the RLSH community
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Black Coat, goggles, and potentially a wig
Colors Black, White
Symbol N/A
Equipment Eleven and a half nimble fingers
Abilities Weapon and Armor Fabrication

Professor (Thaddius) Widget was the go-to source for gear and interesting technology at the peak of the Real-Life Superhero movement. Many of his inventions were questionable, and he often made dubious claims, but during his active period he was a prominent example of Hero Support.

Activity Edit

Professor Widget's personal site was first logged by the Wayback Machine in March, 2006. This is the earliest existing proof of Widget's involvement in the community.

Widget first saw media coverage in 2008, in an article on Master Legend. Described as "an ultraclandestine [sic] supplier of custom equipment" who'd only recently started working with heroes, he'd been commissioned by Green Scorpion to make a bulletproof mask out of "mongreltanium" and a steel cane with non-lethal attachments. [1]

Others credit him with creating wrist-mounted paintball launchers, and 'non

-lethal' telescoping bo-staffs. [2]

While several popular heroes and articles reference Widget, actual quotes from the man himself are rare. His personal website has not been accessible since 2011 [3], and his MySpace has not been updated in as many years.

Identity Edit

As Professor Widget did not operate in any on-the-ground activities, his identity is one of the best-kept in the RLSH community.

The World Superhero Registry lists Widget's location as Conquest, Oregon, but marks this information as "Possibly incorrect". [4] In 2010, an RLSH critic claimed he was in his 60s, and lived in Iceland, but the nature of the article leaves doubts as to whether this was truthful or embellished to add humor to their profile of Widget. [5]

Impact Edit

While Professor Widget has disappeared from the public sphere, his impact on the community lives on. Many RLSH groups have a member dedicated to gadgetry and running operations from the side, some craftsmen still advertise being friendly to RLSHs, and if his equipment stands the test of time, he may still be equipping members of the movement currently, even years after he's dropped off the map.

References Edit

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