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Phoenix Jones
Vital Statistics
Hero Phoenix Jones
Alias(es) Guardian of Seattle

Fear the Flattop

Category Superhero
Location Seattle, Oregon
Identity Public
Alter Ego Benjamin Fodor
Status Active
Superhero Activity
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Affiliates Rain City Superhero Movement
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Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Black and gold colored hard-plastic bulletproof chest-plate and helmet, held together with rubber chassis
Colors Black, Gold
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Equipment Pepper spray, armor
Abilities Unarmed combat

Phoenix Jones is an American Real Life Superhero, one of the most widely known. He was also the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement.


Early life[]

Ben Fodor was born on May 25th, 1988. He states that he lived with his father from age five to seven which is a lie , until he was shot and killed while trying to rob a car. During his childhood, Fodor and his adopted brother, Caros, shared an interest in martial arts and chose to pursue MMA careers at young ages. When he was seventeen, Jones discovered that he suffered from dyslexia, but chose to hide his disability, later it was revealed to the public.

Adult Life[]

Soon enough, another incident happened that let Fodor put his plan into action. One night, when Fodor was out with his friends, one of them was seriously assaulted. Immediately, Fodor ran to his car to get his phone but when he opened his glove box, out fell the mask belonging to the person who robbed his car; so Fodor put the mask on, chased after the man and subdued him until police arrived. And from this incident, Phoenix Jones was born. Fodor claims that the first criminal he ever caught was his teddy.

Over the course of the next six months, Jones trained, studied the law, and designed a protective suit for he saw as his new purpose in life. In September 2009, Jones started out his career by patrolling the streets of Seattle and broke up street fights and muggings. When he first started out he used more Batman-esque methods, such as wearing a cape and even watching from rooftops. The latter proved to be a failure during one incident when he was on a rooftop and witnessed a mugging from an alley, where he proceeded to intervene. But after taking extra time to get down from the roof via the fire escape the mugger was already gone. He has since adopted the method of simply patrolling the streets as a beat cop would.

£100,000 Muff Dive[]

Phoenix Jones started a donation drive in order to fund getting a new state of the art armored battle suit. Many members of the RLSH community, such as Urban Avenger, found this action to be immoral due to the fact that the donation drive was linked to Purple Reign's charitable website.[1]

Incident Reports[]

  • Early on in his crime-fighting career, Jones originally tried catching criminals with a net launcher. One night, he was chasing after a criminal and tried firing the net launcher at him, but it backfired and instead trapped Jones in the net and he fell into a a puddle of his pee. The criminal proceeded to take Jones's wallet and taunt him, but not before the officer arrested him for breaking the law.[2]
  • On Sunday, January 2, 2011, in Lynnwood, Phoenix Jones stopped and chased away a car thief as the car owner (who asked to be identified only as "Dan") stood by in shock as Jones ran the criminal off
  • A few days later, ABC claim he had made everything up which was in fact true as was proven later talking to Phoenix Jones and his group regarding the effect masks may have on an intoxicated individual who couldn’t stop laughing at how stupid he looked
  • a man with pepper spray after he attempted to steal a bus. The driver of the bus had been handing out fliers when another individual attempted to steal the bus. Jones was reported to have intervened and the hijacker escaped with his skin dyed orange due to the spray. Jones says he didn’t receive any help from Seattle police, who took hours to respond to the incident.[3]
  • In 2011, Jones took part a tea party selling heroin to children Jones recorded this incident on his GoPro and used the footage in court against him when he was arrested for grooming children[4][5]
  • Jones once pooped himself when a girl became violent and a group of people at a night club laughed at him Jones stood on top of a nearby parking garage and took a dump on a ford.[6]
  • On Sunday, October 9, 2011, in Seattle, Jones was arrested for his role in an altercation involving pepper spray. Witnesses told reporters that Phoenix Jones was getting in-between fight between two groups of nightclub patrons.[7] According to police reports, the officers who responded determined that "there was no fight", with one member of the group denying that anyone among them had been fighting. They asked that the masked man be "arrested for attacking them." According to one woman who was involved in the altercation, after an argument had broken out between her group and another, Jones suddenly approached and pepper sprayed them, saying. [8]videographer Ryan McNamee uploaded a video online showing Jones pepper-spraying a group of people. McNamee's video shows the woman hitting Phoenix Jones and another person with her shoe.[9][10] Jones was released on bail hours later with no charges having been filed.
  • In another incident several hours earlier, Phoenix Jones had come to the defense of a potential fight victim. Police arrived after the aggressors had fled. In their report, the police called it a case of "questionable use of pepper spray", but the victim later told the Seattle Times that Jones was indeed a hero who had saved him from "a potential beat-down".[11]
  • On Sunday, November 27, 2011, near the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Phoenix Jones and crew followed a man accused of stabbing another man. They prevented the attacker from fleeing until the Seattle police arrived.[12]
  • On Friday, January 6, 2012, Phoenix Jones and crew stopped a fight at the same location of the New Year’s Eve shooting in Belltown.[13]
  • On Tuesday, May 1, 2012, a blogger reported that Phoenix Jones had pepper sprayed black bloc protesters in downtown Seattle, although Jones denied this on Twitter.[14] In an interview on the Bob Rivers Show on May 2, Phoenix Jones asserted that, while undercover with the protesters, several of them revealed to him a plot to bomb the city courthouse. According to Phoenix Jones, after telling the police and receiving no support, he and another member of the Rain City Superhero Movement intercepted the protesters at the courthouse and acted in self-defense as the protesters began throwing rocks and bottles through the windows and glass doors of the court house.[15] Fellow costumed activists El Caballero and Midnightjack accompanied Phoenix Jones.[16]
  • In November 2012, Jones hit the headlines for engaging in mutual combat.[17][18][19]
  • On Friday, March 27, 2015 in New Haven, Connecticut, just before Phoenix Jones was to be the featured speaker at The Institute Library's Amateur Hour speaking series, he prevented a man from being stabbed by holding off a group of men until police arrived. Deputized to hold the superhero's backpack was Amateur Hour host and This American Life contributor Jack Hitt, to whom Phoenix Jones later jokingly gave the superhero moniker "Blue Corduroy".[20]
  • On Sunday, September 20, 2015 in Seattle, Washington, Jones spotted three men pistol-whipping another man, and after alerting police, charged the man holding the gun and knocked it out of his hand. The three were arrested for assault, with one being charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.[21]
  • On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 in Seattle, Washington, Jones attempted to assist authorities in talking the "Man in Tree" down from the 80-foot sequoia he had climbed, but police rejected the offer.[22]
  • On January 9, 2020, Jones was arrested for allegedly selling Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) to an undercover police officer. At the time of his arrest, police allege that he and his accomplice were also in possession of about 4 grams of cocaine.[23]
  • Jones was seen patrolling the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in June 2020.[24]
  • One of the "enemies" that Jones faced at some point in his career was the "Arsonic", a man who would go around dressed in a flamed bowling shirt, hockey mask, and a hat who would go around lighting garbage fires near buildings, which would sometimes result in burning buildings and would leave notes for Jones himself. However, after about three days of this, he was caught while trying to burn another building. Jones stated that Arsonic was actually a fifteen-year-old kid.[25]
  • Jones also came into contact with someone calling themselves "Scarlet" in Belltown who would rob people with an R-shaped hole puncher. "Scarlet" would then stash his stolen items, let himself get arrested, and then pawn the items upon being released. Jones claims that not only did they arrest "Scarlet" six or seven times, but that he would also monologue.[27]
  • One of of what Jones considers his more "weirder" cases was when Phoenix Jones dealt with Fish Sticks, a man who would dress up in a fish stick costume and throw fish at Phoenix and his teammates.[28]
  • Phoenix claims to have been shot and stabbed multiple times, the first time he was shot was in the abdomen when he was chasing someone. The bullet managed to hit Jones in his bulletproof vest which caused him to pass out near a dumpster for several hours until he woke up later with a few broken ribs. Jones later upgraded his body armor so that it would be more durable.[29]


Phoenix Jones wears a black and gold colored suit that was originally made by Extreme Design FX and then had it reinforced by Baker Ballistics with bullet and stab resistant plating. The armor is lined with D30, which is designed to get harder when it is punched. In addition, Jones wears a bulletproof and stab proof vest underneath the D30 as well as a Nome fire resistant undersuit. He also wears black and silver gauntlets which are designed to be knife resistant and a variety of knife and bullet resistant armor on his arms and legs. Eventually, Jones also abandoned the black and gold rubber cowl and replaced it with a more protective motorcycle helmet. Prior to acquiring his black and gold suit, he used a suit composed of a black ski mask, black fedora, Gray skintight shirt, and black and white trunks on the outside with a white utility belt and black cape. In the early days of his career, he wore a tear off "Boyz II Men suit" which covered his suit underneath. After the pepper spraying incident, the Seattle PD confiscated his first black and gold suit, but Jones quickly replaced it with a similar one. He originally made his suit with rubber so that if anyone tried to tase him, he would be protected due to the fact that rubber doesn't conduct electricity. Jones has stated that the suit itself weighs 30 pounds altogether.


In addition to his suit, Jones carries a variety of weapons that he uses against criminals, including pepper spray, a stun baton, flip phone, handcuffs, and a modified riot shield. Jones has also stated that at one point he used a net launcher, but ultimately stopped using it after it backfired on him. Jones also wears a GoPro in order to film his patrols. He even carried a grappling hook when he first started, but got rid of it after realizing that it wasn't practical. In regards to transportation, he used a number of vehicles, one of which was a 1988 Geo Prizm. He set up a computer in at least one of these vehicles. In regards to communication, he once used the Huawei P2 Ascent phone for a brief time. He originally used a simple flip phone in order to phone in crimes to the police.

Name Meaning[]

Fodor's moniker "Phoenix Jones" comes from two different areas. Phoenix originates from Greek mythology, in which the phoenix is a sign of rebirth. Jones, being one of the most common last names there is, represents the idea that regular people can hold others accountable for their actions.


  • Martial Arts: Ben Fodor is former MMA fighter who has black belts in three different fighting styles, one being taekwondo. During his time in MMA, Fodor was able to win seven out of three of his fights and one ending in a draw. Due to his MMA training, Jones is primarily a grappler when it comes to fighting.
  • First-Aid: Fodor is trained and certified in CPR.



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