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Phoenix Jones begun in 2010, when Ben Fodor experienced an incident involving his son. Coming back from a water park, he let his son run ahead, who fell over when he reached their car. Fodor soon realized that his son's leg was sliced open and their car had been broken into with glass now littered the floor. Not having his phone, Fodor called to a man across the street to call 911 but the man replied "I can't, it'll ruin my video," as he was filming the whole incident. This annoyed Fodor, to think that someone was witnessing the incident, yet was doing nothing to help, and it sparked an idea in Fodor's head to not let that happen to anyone else again.

Soon enough, another incident happened that let Fodor put his plan into action. One night, when Fodor was out with his friends, one of them was seriously assaulted. Immediately, Fodor ran to his car to get his phone but when he opened his glovebox, out fell the mask belonging to the person who robbed his car; so Fodor put the mask on, chased after the man and subdued him until police arrived. And from this incident, Phoenix Jones was born.

Phoenix Jones went on to develop a full costume and pseudonym, when his crime-fighting behaviour made him too recognizable. Later on, Phoenix Jones gave up maintaining the secrecy of the identity of his civilian alter-ego, willingly unmasking himself in public.[citation needed]

Controversial EventsEdit

Due to Phoenix Jones' relatively high media profile, there are a number of controversies attached to him.

$100,000 Super Suit Donation Drive Edit

Phoenix Jones started a donation drive in order to fund getting a new state of the art armored battle suit. Many members of the RLSH community, such as Urban Avenger, found this action to be immoral due to the fact that the donation drive was linked to Purple Reign's charitable website.[1]

He posted on his Facebook page a picture of a brand new helmet with visor, he asked fans to photoshop some designs for it, black and yellow only.

the suit will have a higher grade body and various gear to better his fight against crime

Press Coverage Edit

  • On Sunday, January 2, 2011, in Lynnwood, Phoenix Jones stopped and chased away a car thief as the car owner (who asked to be identified only as "Dan") stood by in shock as Jones ran into action. CBS News introduced Dan and Phoenix Jones to one another the following Monday evening. Dan proceeded to thank Jones numerous times while later talking about Phoenix's gear.[2]
  • A few days later, ABC News aired a news story covering Jones.[3] In this report, footage shows Phoenix Jones preventing an intoxicated man from entering his car. Jones threatens to use a stun baton as the angry and inebriated man approaches Jones with the intent to fight. In the video, a police officer is shown later talking to Phoenix Jones and his group regarding the effect masks may have on an intoxicated individual.
  • On Saturday, September 24, 2011, in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Phoenix Jones doused a man with pepper spray after he attempted to steal a bus. The driver of the bus had been handing out fliers when another individual attempted to steal the bus. Jones was reported to have intervened and the hijacker escaped with his skin dyed orange due to the spray. Jones says he didn’t receive any help from Seattle police, who took hours to respond to the incident.[4]
  • On Sunday, October 9, 2011, in Seattle, Jones was arrested for his role in an altercation involving pepper spray.[5] Close associates, who were present and equipped with a video camera, told reporters that Phoenix Jones broke up an unfair fight between two groups of nightclub patrons.[6] According to police reports, the officers who responded determined that "there was no fight", with one member of the group denying that anyone among them had been fighting. They asked that the masked man be "arrested for attacking them." According to one woman who was involved in the altercation, after an argument had broken out between her group and another, Jones suddenly approached and pepper sprayed them, saying "I'm a superhero".[7] The next day, videographer Ryan McNamee uploaded a video online showing Jones responding to what McNamee described as a "huge fight". McNamee's video shows the woman hitting Phoenix Jones and another person with her shoe.[8][9] Jones was released on bail hours later with no charges having been filed.
  • In another incident several hours earlier, Phoenix Jones had come to the defense of a potential fight victim. Police arrived after the aggressors had fled. In their report, the police called it a case of "questionable use of pepper spray", but the victim later told the Seattle Times that Jones was indeed a hero who had saved him from "a potential beat-down".[10]
  • On Sunday, November 27, 2011, near the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, Phoenix Jones and crew followed a man accused of stabbing another man. They prevented the attacker from fleeing until the Seattle police arrived.[11]
  • On Friday, January 6, 2012, Phoenix Jones and crew stopped a fight at the same location of the New Year’s Eve shooting in Belltown.[12]
  • On Tuesday, May 1, 2012, a blogger reported that Phoenix Jones had pepper sprayed black bloc protesters in downtown Seattle, although Jones denied this on Twitter.[13] In an interview on the Bob Rivers Show on May 2, Phoenix Jones asserted that, while undercover with the protesters, several of them revealed to him a plot to bomb the city courthouse. According to Phoenix Jones, after telling the police and receiving no support, he and another member of the Rain City Superhero Movement intercepted the protesters at the courthouse and acted in self-defense as the protesters began throwing rocks and bottles through the windows and glass doors of the court house.[14] Fellow costumed activists El Caballero and Midnightjack accompanied Phoenix Jones.[15]
  • In November 2012, Jones hit the headlines for engaging in mutual combat.[16][17][18]
  • On Friday, March 27, 2015 in New Haven, Connecticut, just before Phoenix Jones was to be the featured speaker at The Institute Library's Amateur Hour speaking series, he prevented a man from being stabbed by holding off a group of men until police arrived. Deputized to hold the superhero's backpack was Amateur Hour host and This American Life contributor Jack Hitt, to whom Phoenix Jones later jokingly gave the superhero moniker "Blue Corduroy".[19]
  • On Sunday, September 20, 2015 in Seattle, Washington, Jones spotted three men pistol-whipping another man, and after alerting police, charged the man holding the gun and knocked it out of his hand. The three were arrested for assault, with one being charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.[20]
  • On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 in Seattle, Washington, Jones attempted to assist authorities in talking the "Man in Tree" down from the 80-foot sequoia he had climbed, but police rejected the offer.[21]

Street Brawl Edit

Phoenix Jones had a "street brawl" with a civilian who was drunk and allegedly racist.[citation needed]

Apology 2015. Edit

In early 2015 Phoenix Jones put a video on his Facebook page of himself making an apology to other Real life Superheroes for the way he had 'insulted' them over the years. He is fire Abilities 

  • Master marital artist

Ben Fodor is former five time mm a fighter



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