Phantom Patriot
Phantom Patriot
Vital Statistics
Hero Phantom Patriot
Alias(es) The Lynx, Crackdown, Thoughtcrime
Category Vigilante
Location Las Vegas, NV, USA
Identity Public
Alter Ego Richard McCaslin
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates Iron Claw(retired) , DefCon
Foes Bohemian Club , New World Order
Actions Civil protests,charity handouts,street patrols
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume various
Colors Blue, Red, White
Symbol 2 "P"s , back to back
Equipment stop sign shield , Maglight , crossbow , Patriot Bike,Patriot Mobile
Abilities martial arts , writer , artist , actor , stunts

Phantom Patriot is an American Real Life Superhero based around Las Vegas, Nevada.


In his profile online, Phantom Patriot states that he became a RLSH after serving 3 years in the USMC (1982-85), using the persona of The Lynx and working alongside another RLSH, Iron Claw. He then switched to using the name, Crackdown, in the 90s. Then, he took on the name of Phantom Patriot.[1]


Phantom Patriot attracted media attention in January 2001, when he conducted a raid on the Bohemian Grove, in the belief that they were a group of pedophiles and murderers. He was arrested and served over 6 years in prison.

Thoughtcrime TourEdit

After finishing parole in May of 2011, he traveled across the country, protesting the "New World Order" in the persona of Thoughtcrime. [2][3]

Return as Phantom PatriotEdit

In 2012, he re-adopted the Phantom Patriot alter ego and opened a RLSH base, called The Patriot Outpost.[4]




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