Peter Tangen is a professional artist who is known commercially for his promotional photography on films, a number of which are popular superhero films. He is also a painter, but has not had a public showing of his artwork since the late 60s.[citation needed]

Prominence with RLSHEdit

In the world of Real Life Superheroes, Peter Tangen is known for the Real Life Super Hero Project.

Started in 2010, the RLSH Project attempts to catalog members of the Real Life Superhero movement through photos (examples of which are viewable here). His efforts to capture the faces and costumes of the movement elevated the movement's imagery from amateur to professional, helped gather heroes from across the country, and made him famous within the community. Peter Tangen's entry into the world of RLSH marked a watershed moment in the RLSH community at large, and allowed the community to receive more media attention because of his high quality photos.

The RLSH Project was also the seed that eventually gave birth to before hosting issues brought about its brief demise and return in August and September 2012. Peter Tangen's photographs for the Real Life Superhero Project are also widely available online in various forms through the individual Wikia's pages and profiles, or through their use in news articles.

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