Team Statistics
Group ACFA
Category Vigilante
Headquarters Mabuhay, Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) Nightmare
Members Vengeance (vice-leader) Black Sentry, Blue Backup, Agent Polgas
Allies N/A
Foes N/A
Actions N/A
 Anti-Crime Freelance Agents or ACFA is a group of Filipino Real Life Superheroes that patrols Mabuhay in the city of Cabuyao and province of Laguna in the Philippines. Nightmare is the leader of the group, with Vengeance acting as the vice leader. ACFA consists of patrol teams. Nightmare and his teammates were known as "Blackout". The other group was known as "Blacklights" and the other was "Hellhound" where Agent Polgas was included. ACFA members can earn respect from other members by doing amazing feats while on patrol and also being promoted to higher ranks.


Peacekeeper was first formed in December of 2012 But the group's name was changed to Anti-Crime Freelance Agents on Jun 30, 2013.[citation needed]

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