Patch Work
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Patch Work
Vital Statistics
Hero Patch Work
Alias(es) Raggy-Rabbi, Cloth-Connoisseur, Fabric-Face
Category Crime Fighter, Poverty, Homeless-feeder
Location Chicago
Identity Gary Ferguson
Alter Ego N/A
Status Dead
Superhero Activity
Faction P.A.T.C.H
Affiliates N/A
Foes Dr. Drunky and his Menace Mobile
Actions Flying through windshields
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume light body armor, patched up ragged clothing, fedora
Colors eternal black, midnight black, demon-soul black, gray, white
Symbol a skull and crossbones on fire surrounded by rose petals
Equipment walking stick, pepper spray, brass knuckles, knives, small derringer, a faceful of glass
Abilities martial arts, limited parkore, extensive weapons training, flight through windshields

Patch Work was a Real Life Superhero based in Chicago. He had a penchant for working with little to no budget.


Patch Work has been active in the greater Chicago-land area since 2007. Before the formation of the current Chicago team he was a member of the The Greater Chicagoland SuperHero Initiative. After the collapse of that team Patch Work eventually rallied and assembled the  existing heroes of the greater Chicago-land area  and created P.A.T.C.H on January 22 2013.

Team P.A.T.C.H was featured on the front page of 'The Chicago Tribune' on January 18, 2014. There is a documentary in production currently that details the team and its members.

Currently Patch Work is co-leader of P.A.T.C.H with Crusader Prime.

On April 14th, 2016, Patch Work was patrolling the streets when a drunk driver veered onto the sidewalk, striking Patch Work, condition is said to be critical.

UPDATE 9/25/16: Patch Work's family announced he had suffered a inoperable brain injury and that they had chosen to pull the plug, may he rest in piece.


"When I die, I am pretty sure my last words will not be 'I wish I had paid more attention to politics', or 'I wish I had paid closer attention to celebrity gossip' or "Hey, does that look like a car to you?". While paying attention to some things is important, like drunk drivers barreling at you at full speed, it is more important to know what to pay attention to, like a good spot to dive into before you get clipped by some guy coming back from a $1 Miller Drafts night, and to keep in mind that generally what is being shouted at you in the media is generally a distraction from the things that are actually important."

"When you worry about what other people think of you, then you stop living objectively, and start living subjectively. At that point you are no longer living your life, but you are letting others decide how you will live. While sometimes appearances matter, it is more important to live how you want to. You will find that you are much happier, and you will live a much more fulfilled life."

"The definition of insanity may be the repetition of a singular action and the expectation of a different result, but I believe you can define someone as insane when they lack the ability to entertain and consider the idea that they may be wrong."

"There is a sort of irony in what I do. The more good I do, the more torn up I become. What I do is only temporary, a 'patch job' if you will. and the more patch jobs I do, the more torn up I become, and the more patches I must cover myself in to keep going"

"If I wished to be on TV i would dress nicer. I firmly believe that when I die, my greatest actions and accomplishments will die with me, never attributed to a single person, but instead to a mask. Please remember, anyone could have been Patch Work. It could have been you."

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