Oracle is the term used to refer to a person who serves in a support position for a RLSH individual or team.


In popular culture, Oracle refers to the name which the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, took on.

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RLSH UsageEdit

Due to the heavy influence of comic books on RLSH, Oracle became a term used to label individuals who perform a similar role to the fictional Oracle. There are varying degrees to which someone can be an Oracle depending on the usage of the term as members of the Real Life Superhero community have different perceptions of what the definition is.

There are RLSH who refer to themselves as Oracles or Oracle-type RLSH as their primary focus is to gather and collate information as well as to coordinate various other background activity needed for a real life patrol. ILSH who identify themselves as such tend not to work alone but be members of teams or partner up with other RLSHs.

Other times, Oracle can be used to describe a specific position in a team setting where members of the RLSH can switch out who is to be oracle for that patrol. In this case, the person serving as the Oracle tends to stay back, serving as the dispatcher for the team out in the field.

Depending on the usage, the term oracle can be a noun describing a specific position or a verb to encompass all the actions the position entails.

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