Vital Statistics
Hero the NYGHT
Alias(es) N/A
Category crime fighter/ philanthropist
Location Southern California
Identity N/A
Alter Ego N/A
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Xtreme Justice League MissFitts4Life Agents of HOPE
Affiliates DC's Gaurdian, Miss Fitt, Razorhawk, Grim, Lightfist, Violet Valkyrie, Mr. Xtreme, Fallenboy, Midnight Highwayman, Freedom Fighter, Heavy Hitter, Nyghtingale
Foes apathy, crime, hate, hunger, human trafficking, drugs
Actions watch guarding, patroling to prevent violent crime, being a visual deterrent to crime, deescalation, education, outreach programs, bail bond recovery, charity fund raising, physical fitness events for charity, community outreach, mentoring children
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Urban Environment Uniform- black military grade uniform with ballistic and high impact resistant armor, his impact resistant mask has lot of modifications to functionality with communication devices and respiration.
Colors black, grey, silver and white
Symbol 5 interlocking rings, or patch on his chest "F*ck ISIS"
Equipment balistic military/police armor, emergency medical equipment, zip cuffs, flashlights, survival gear
Abilities emergency medical skills, Martial Arts, bringing hope, stomping out crime

Nyght is a Real Life Superhero Crime Fighter. Nyght is a Real Life Superhero Crime Fighter in San Diego, California. Nyght has been spotted all over the country. Nyght is driven by one thing: make the world a better place at any cost. Local or nationwide, Nyght yearns to make the most positive impact he can for all of humanity.

Nyght does physical fitness charity events such as warrior dash and 5ks that focus on raising awareness and funds for autism, veteran suicide, and SIDS, as well as, leading patrols on Friday nights.

Nyght has military, police, emergency medical, public relations and martial arts backgrounds. Nyght is the Physical fitness director for the XJL (the Xtreme Justice League) and social media rep. He also is the graphic design and photographer for the team.


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