North Texas Avengers
Logo of the North Texas Avengers
Team Statistics
Group North Texas Avengers
Category Public Safety
Headquarters Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) Mr. Xtreme (XJL Leader) Doc Masters (chapter leader)
Members Vigilante Spider, Doc Masters, The Kid
Allies Xtreme Justice League
Foes None
Actions Neighborhood patrols, Homeless Outreach, public safety services
North Texas are a regional affiliate of the Xtreme Justice League.

Full-time Members includes Vigilante Spider, The Kid and Doc Masters.

The team was founded on October 16th 2011 as the North Texas Avengers, it was at that time, one of the first and eventually longest lasting RLSH team's in all of Texas. Originally, it was only in Fort Worth, but the N.T.A. quickly expanded with members in Dallas, Arlington, Denton and other adjacent cities through out North Texas. After eight years of struggling to stay afloat due to the changing of members, and mismanagement of leaders, the N.T.A. reached out in order to find new ownership that would help to bring the team back from the brink of death. On April 1st, 2019, an agreement was made that the Xtreme Justice League of San Diego where the new owners of the North Texas Avengers. And the rest is history.

The team attends various events, both as active contributors and as a safety patrol. The team has worked with local police-sponsored homeless handouts, charity fundraisers, neighborhood cleanups, and community events.

The chapter has a rotating roster of part-time members who will assist on some of the larger events and handouts, as well as a smaller full-time roster. As well as those who help that doing office work behind the scenes collectively known as the N.T.A. Auxiliary.

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