Nomad Logo Idea 1
Nomad Logo, represents a hooded figure all in black
Vital Statistics
Hero Nomad
Alias(es) The Wanderer
Category Crime Fighter, Public Service
Location Australia
Identity Secret
Alter Ego Unknown
Status Active
Superhero Activity
Faction Noble Team
Affiliates Ghost, Doc, Kakarot
Foes Crime
Actions Crime fighting
Physical Description
Gender Male
Costume Black Mask, Black Overcoat, Black Clothing
Colors Black
Symbol Hooded figure in black
Equipment Pepper spray, Bicycle, Walkie talkie
Abilities Unknown

Nomad is an Australian Real Life Superhero. Nomad is the leader of Noble Team, which includes other RLSH such as Ghost, Doc and Kakarot. Nomad prefers to call Noble Team a "Citizen Crime Prevention Group," following in the footsteps of American RLSH, Phoenix Jones. His costume consists of a black overcoat and mask.


Nomad's origin dates back to early 2012, when he and a few friends (including Doc) were assaulted outside a fast food restaurant. Two men came past and attacked Nomad and his group of friends. As a team, the group managed to defend themselves, get the women out the way and escape with minimal injuries and no loss of valuables. However, Nomad and his friends had not received any assistance from the people inside the restaurant or the local police. So, Nomad decided that he would dedicate a portion of his time to helping his community and enforcing the law, when there are few that still do.

As of the beginning of 2012, Nomad has recently begun patrolling in his city with Noble Team.


Nomad's attire consists of the following:

  • Plain Paintball Mask (Black)
  • Planet Eclipse Overload Paintball Chest Protector (Black)
  • Plain Shirt (Black)
  • Slim Short Trench Coat (Black Overcoat)
  • Soccer Shin Guards, modified into Arm Guards (Black, placed under PEOP Elbow/Arm Guards)
  • Planet Eclipse Overload Paintball Elbow Pads/Arm Guards (Black)
  • Planet Eclipse Gauntlet Paintball Gloves (Black)
  • Plain Jeans (Black)
  • Plain Belt (Black, going to modify to holster Pepper Spray)
  • X-Tak Tactical Knee Pads (Black)
  • Soccer Shin Guards (Black)
  • Plain Converse Chuck Taylor's (Black, Hi-Tops)

Equipment pending upgrades will consist of:

  • Pepper Spray (w/ holster)
  • Pepper Spray handle attachment (to use more as a firearm type thing)
  • Tactical Flash Light
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Mobile Phone (Australia's equivalent of a Cell Phone)
  • First Aid Kit

Nomad also has a bicycle with the following:

  • LED lights (w/ flashing function)
  • On-Board computer
  • Compass
  • Brake lights

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