Noble Team
Noble Team Logo
Noble Team Logo
Team Statistics
Group Noble Team
Category Crime Prevention
Headquarters Australia
Status Active
Team Activity
Leader(s) Nomad
Members Doc, Ghost, Kakarot
Allies N/A
Foes Crime
Actions Crime-fighting, Patrol
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Noble Team is a group of Real Life Superheroes operating out of Australia. They currently have 4 members, including Team Captain Nomad, Doc, Ghost, and Kakarot. Their mission has three main elements:

  1. To fight crime in all its forms
  2. To help those in need
  3. To make their city a safer and cleaner environment for all those around them.

They are always looking for new members.


Noble Team was formed with through the impetus of Nomad, their team leader. Both Nomad and Doc, had been involved in an assault incident, which left them both tired of being intimidated by the criminal element. Nomad began his own mission as a RLSH and convinced Doc, Ghost, Champion and Kakarot to help him in his cause, forming Noble Team.

As of August 2012, Noble Team are in preparations to begin patrolling regularly.


All Noble Team members are equipped with the following basic materials:

  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Mobile Phone
  • First Aid Kit

Any other equipment is of personal choice/preference.

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