Vital Statistics
Hero Nighthawk
Alias(es) N/A
Category Crime-Fighting, Vigilante
Location Georgetown, Texas
Identity Secret
Alter Ego College Student
Status Unknown
Superhero Activity
Faction N/A
Affiliates N/A
Foes Whiteface
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Physical Description
Gender Male
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height:5ft 8in

weight:160 lbs

eyes color:hazel

hair color:brown

occupation: adventurer, vigilante, college student

Nighthawk wants the community to know that he doesn't like technology, small gestures, deep thinkers, or skateboarders, but will make exceptions for parents and "..people that shop for food and for water." Nighthawk has two favorite quotes but feels strongly that one favorite quote will suffice. Nighthawk still wets his bed nightly but feels that it's OK because he, and not his mother, performs that majority of the laundry at their house.

When Nighthawk cannot finish his sandwich he likes to throw it out. Once Nighthawk watched a televised sporting event, but he was younger and not a superhero. He can read books, he thinks, and loves riding elevators up "...a floor or two."

Nighthawk thinks that bad guys are also bad people and wants to take charge of the situation. He suffers from so many things, both medical and mental, that to list them all here would be an insult to HTML and your time, dear reader.

Nighthawk dreams of someday dating girls and wants to wear a cape in his private life too. He can almost find the city of London on a world map and wants his fans to know that he "...once tried very hard at something but had to use the restroom so there."

Nighthawk can jump straight up and will be found rubbing his hands together while he is attempting to think. His favorite day is June and his love for kittens is not well known. He can spell 'tree' point his finger.
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